Ellsworth Equestrian Center

Ellsworth Equestrian Center

The 75,100 square foot Ellsworth Equestrian Center is a hub of activity, with events scheduled year-round! The Equestrian Center is located at 709 Ellsworth Ave. just south of Iowa Falls, Iowa.

For information about the Ellsworth Equestrian Center or to book shows/events, contact the facility at 641-648-8730.

Features of the fully heated Ellsworth Equestrian Center include:

Concessions provided by Triple T Specialty Meats of Ackley; phone 641-847-0031.

EHV-1 outbreak in MN and Eastern IA

- We are very aware of the EHV-1 outbreak in Minnesota and eastern Iowa, and are staying in contact with local and Iowa State University veterinary offices.

- To our knowledge at this time, there have not been any horses in the Ellsworth Equestrian Center that might have come in contact with this virus in the recent past.

- As a precautionary measure, an additional disinfecting of the Equestrian Center was performed last week, and we will continue to do so for the foreseeable future on a weekly basis.

- At this time, we are not cancelling any rental events or shows due to this outbreak, but we will continue to monitor the situation and react appropriately if the situation changes and the need arises to do so.

- To isolate the horse population currently living here, we are restricting any outside horses from coming in to the Equestrian Center until April 10, 2014.

Thank you, Ellsworth Equestrian Center staff

Upcoming events

Date Event Start
Details, if available
April 19 Circle C Rodeo Barrel Racing Clinic 8 am Circle C Clinic flier
Apr. 26-27 Iowa Pinto Horse Association Show
8 am http://iowapinto.com
May 6 ECC Equine Department Student Show 4:30 pm  
May 10-11 Iowa Pony of Americas (POA) Club Show
8 am http://iowapoac.com
May 17-18 Minn-I-Kota Pinto Horse Association Show
8 am www.minikotapinto.com/Main.html
May 23-25 Connie Combs Barrel Racing Clinic 9 am Connie Combs Barrel Racing flier
May 31-June 1 Iowa Cutting Horse Association
TBA www.iowacuttinghorseassociation.com 
June 7-8 Heartland Buckskin Horse Assn. Show 8 am www.heartlandbuckskin.com
June 14-15 Iowa Palomino Exhibitors Assn. (IPEA) Show
8:30 am http://www.ipea.us
June 21-22 Iowa Arabian Horse Association Show
TBA www.iowaarabianhorseassociation.com

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