Ellsworth Equestrian Center

Ellsworth Equestrian Center

The 75,100 square foot Ellsworth Equestrian Center is a hub of activity, with events scheduled year-round! The Equestrian Center is located at 709 Ellsworth Ave. just south of Iowa Falls, Iowa.

For information about the Ellsworth Equestrian Center or to book shows/events, contact the facility at 641-648-8730.

Features of the fully heated Ellsworth Equestrian Center include:

Concessions provided by Triple T Specialty Meats of Ackley; phone 641-847-0031.

Upcoming events

Date Event Start
Details, if available
Apr. 26-27 Iowa Pinto Horse Association
8 am http://iowapinto.com
May 6 ECC Equine Dept. Student Show
4:30 pm  
May 10-11 Iowa Pony of Americas (POA)
8 am http://iowapoac.com
May 17-18 Min-I-Kota Pinto Horse Assn.
8 am www.minikotapinto.com/Main.html
May 23-25 Connie Combs Barrel Racing Clinic TBA Connie Combs Barrel Racing flier
May 31-June 1 Iowa Cutting Horse Association
TBA www.iowacuttinghorseassociation.com 
June 7-8 Heartland Buckskin Horse Assn.
9 am www.heartlandbuckskin.com
June 14-15 Iowa Palomino Exhibitors Assn.
8:30 am http://www.ipea.us
June 21-22 Iowa Arabian Horse Association
8 am www.iowaarabianhorseassociation.com
July 19-20 Iowa Pinto Association 8 am http://iowapinto.com/
July 26 Iowa Appaloosa Association 8 am http://www.iowaappaloosa.com/
Aug. 1-3 Double SS Show/Blue Bonnet Classic 4 pm &
8 am
Aug. 16-17 Iowa Pony of Americas (POA) 8 am http://iowapoac.com/

Learn more about Ellsworth's Equine Management & Equine Science Science degree programs.

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