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Iowa Valley Board approves tuition, housing rates

The Iowa Valley Community College District (IVCCD) Board of Directors approved a $5 tuition increase for 2015-16 but held the line on student housing costs when it met this week.

IVCCD Chancellor Dr. Chris Duree said the average Iowa community college tuition increase was $5.43 (of the colleges that have made that decision to date), and that he was pleased Iowa Valley could put forth an amount less than the state average. For a student taking a full course load of 12 credits, the increase amounts to $60 a semester; there were no fee increases approved by the Board.

On the administration’s recommendation, the Board held on-campus housing costs at the same level as 2014-2015. The Marshalltown Community College meal plan rate for 18 meals per week was increased 3 percent from $1,144 last year to $1,179 for 2015-16.

The Board voted to renew Youth for Understanding (YFU) agreements for both MCC (22nd year) and Ellsworth Community College (5th year). MCC will host two returning international YFU exchange students during 2015-16 and ECC will host one returning student in the fall and two new students in the spring. It was reported that MCC’s comprehensive internationalization plan is netting big results for the College, which anticipates a 46 percent increase in international student enrollments this fall. With paperwork for another 7 students pending, the count could go as high as 69 international students this fall. Thus far 19 countries are represented among the 62 students who have committed to enroll.

A third consecutive lease agreement was approved for IVCCD’s rental of space in the STC Partnership Center in Tama. IVCE Vice Chancellor Jacque Goodman said there were no changes from last year’s contract, and that Iowa Valley is “excited about what’s happening over there.” IVCE provides adult literacy programs and services to students at that Center; they’ve served 25 English as a Second Language (ESL) students in the past quarter and 3-6 people daily who take high school equivalency diploma classes. In 2014-15, Iowa Valley served a total of 76 students at the Tama Center.

In other matters, the Board approved: an articulation between Iowa Valley and Iowa State University for MCC’s Early Childhood Education program; policies and guidelines regarding the District’s staff development plan, credit and non-credit tuition reductions for staff and family members, and reductions in hours and sick leave for employees; renewed agreements with McFarland Clinic for Athletic Trainer services and Physician services at athletic events for ECC; and approved an agreement whereby MCC’s Construction Technology program will build a residential home during the 2015-16 year for Brian and Stephanie Ricken of Haverhill (the new home will be built in Melbourne).

Board members acknowledged many employees for special efforts during the past month, including Travis Bloomquist, Kyle Semprini, Michele Frost, Ann Rubenbauer and Robin Anctil for the work on the new IVCCD websites. MCC Athletic Director Dan Huntley was recognized for being elected to the National Alliance of Two-Year Collegiate Athletic Administrators’ Executive Board representing Iowa and six other Midwestern states. The Board also thanked Nancy Ellis, Matt Daniels, Dan Juhl, Julia Aguilar Reyes, Benita Petersen, Mandy Brown, Lara Thoms, Chris Russell, Aaron Freland, Connie Gardalen, Donna Thompson, Nate Chua, Mara Egherman, Amber Bolen, Jan Seim, Steve Garber, Allie Osmundson and Angie Redmond for helping with MCC campus beautification on June 18.

Several gifts were accepted by the Board, including a monetary donation from Beryl and Deena Wellborn to the Wellborn Scholarship; a stock checkering cradle and barrel spinner donated by Walt Richardson to Iowa Valley Grinnell; a stainless steel bluing tank/cover/stand donated by Sid Hunter to Iowa Valley Grinnell; and a vintage photo of Jean Seberg with books and a 1997 T.V. Guide donated by Nancy Adams to the Orpheum Theater Center.

The next regular meeting of the IVCCD Board of Directors will be Wednesday, Aug. 12, at 4 pm in Marshalltown.

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