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Iowa Valley’s mission to meet workforce needs

By Deb Hawks & April Forbes

Pre-employment training is a proven method to identify the best applicants and train potential employees on key skills needed for a job. Iowa Valley Continuing Education’s pre-employment programs include assessment of applicants specific to the needs of the employer and development of customized training.

A number of pre-employment training courses are available through Iowa Valley Continuing Education. These classes are customized to improve the skill levels of students. The core curriculum focuses on the development of essential skills for the workplace. Courses include Welding, Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) A, Mine Safety Training (MSHA), and Lead Safety Training.

We also provide courses to maintain certification, employer or other professional development requirements. These courses include OSHA requirements, Plumbing & Electrical CEU’s, Computer Skills, and Industrial Maintenance Skills.

Funding and other assistance is available to students through two programs:

GAP Tuition Assistance provides funding to eligible applicants enrolling in a GAP-approved certificate program in occupations including health care, advanced manufacturing, and transportation. The GAP Tuition Assistance Program enables individuals to gain the necessary skills to obtain a job in a high demand field! Testing for the National Career Readiness Certification is also available.

The Pathways for Academic Career Employment (PACE) program provides a Pathway Navigator to assist participants on their educational journey. The Pathway Navigator works with participants to identify barriers to success and will work with students to minimize those barriers by connecting the students to the appropriate community resources. The Pathway Navigator will also work with individuals to access available funding.

Iowa Valley’s Business Resources and area companies are forming joint partnerships to develop and provide pre-employment training programs to create an ongoing pool of employee candidates. These courses are unique because students are paid while in training. Two programs presently being offered are the JBS Industrial Maintenance and Fisher Controls Machine Operator training programs. Upon successful completion, students will be offered employment. These courses do require an application process, testing, and interview prior to being accepted into the class.

Whether you are an employer looking for a training program customized to your company or an individual looking to enhance your career, contact Iowa Valley Continuing Education to see what opportunities await. Job placement and self-sufficiency are the ultimate goals!

Deb Hawks is Director of Business & Industry Training and April Forbes is a Technical Training Coordinator; both work for Iowa Valley Continuing Education.

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