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IVCCD Board approves FY17 tuition, room/board rates

The Iowa Valley Community College District (IVCCD) Board of Directors approved a 2016-2017 tuition increase of $5 per credit hour for Iowa residents who are students at Ellsworth and Marshalltown Community Colleges when it met yesterday in Grinnell; the non-resident tuition increase was $7 for MCC students and $10 for ECC students. Changes were also approved for some fees, as well as housing and meal plan costs.

Dr. Chris Duree, IVCCD Chancellor, told the Board that these increases put Iowa Valley at the low end of the tuition increase scale in comparison to the other Iowa community colleges. “Based on what we know today, the average tuition increase statewide is 4.4 percent, so we’re well below that at 2.72 percent. Other colleges are increasing their tuition anywhere from $3 to $12 per credit hour, so our $5 increase is modest in comparison. We feel good about this small increase given the kind of year we’ve had.”

The 2016-17 tuition will be $163 per credit hour for Iowa residents, $175 per credit hour for MCC students who are non-Iowa residents, and $200 per credit hour for ECC students who are non-Iowa residents. Dr. Robin Lilienthal, MCC Provost, explained that the non-Iowa resident tuition is lower for MCC than for ECC because the non-Iowa ECC students receive a scholarship that covers the $25 per credit hour difference, essentially balancing the two dollar amounts.

With regard to fees, the Board approved increasing the Materials & Technology Fee from $17 to $18.50 per credit hour, and the Board decreased the Student Fee from $7 to $5.50 per credit hour. The net impact of those two changes is $0 for students.

Specific to Ellsworth Community College, the Board approved an increase of $100 per semester for housing with the exception of single occupancy rooms in the College Suites, which went up by $200 (to $3,100 per semester). Students living in Thompson and Wall Halls will be $1,800 per semester for a double room and $2,062.50 for a single room; those in the College Apartments will pay $2,400 per semester per double room (four per apartment); and those in the College Suites will pay $2,600 per semester per double room (four per suite). The Board also approved new “interim accommodations” rates of $450 for Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break (open only to international students), and Spring Break. The last time ECC housing rates were increased was in 2013-2014.

ECC’s meal plan for 2016-17 will be $1,050 per semester for 19 meals per week, an increase of $118 per semester. The Board also approved pre-semester and post-semester meal plans of $10.65 per day for two meals and $12.95 per day for three meals. Beginning July 1, ECC’s food service will transition to Great Western Dining Services.

Specific to Marshalltown Community College, the Board approved an increase of $75 per semester for on-campus housing, which represents a 3.2 percent increase over 2015-16. The new rate will be $2,375 per semester for a double room; MCC housing costs were not increased last year. MCC’s meal plan was increased by 2 percent to $1,204 for 18 meals per week, per semester. The pre-semester and post-semester rate for two meals a day will be $11.48. A new meal plan for commuter students will cover five meals per week for $440 per semester.

In personnel matters, the Board approved a 3.25 percent total package increase for all non-faculty employees. This includes a 2.41 percent increase in salaries and the District’s health insurance cost increase. After a closed session discussion about the Chancellor’s employment agreement, the Board voted to offer Dr. Duree a one-year contract that includes a 2 percent salary increase, as well as coverage of increased health insurance costs.

In other matters, the Board: approved the District’s Quality Faculty Plan for 2016-17, which included updates and improvements to faculty competencies, as well as changed to the QFP planning document; approved an agreement providing sexual assault training to students; and approved changes to Board policies regarding Board member conflict of interest, personnel conflict of interest, use of service and assistance animals on campus, and business expenditure reimbursements.

The Board held a closed session to discuss Board Secretary Barb Jennings’ annual performance evaluation, but took no action upon returning to open session.

The next regular meeting of the IVCCD Board of Directors will be Wednesday, July 13, at 4 pm in Marshalltown.

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