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Outstanding service and longevity awards

Nine individuals received Ambassador of the Year/Outstanding Service Awards and 64 employees were recognized for their years of service at the annual Iowa Valley Community College District (IVCCD) staff in-service day earlier this week. The employees represent all units of IVCCD, including Ellsworth Community College (ECC), Marshalltown Community College (MCC), Iowa Valley Continuing Education (IVCE), Iowa Valley Community College Grinnell (IVG), and District Administration.

IVCCD Chancellor Dr. Chris Duree presented the Outstanding Service Awards as follows:

Welden Ambassador Award

Ambassador of the Year Award – Pictured are, from left, IVCCD Board Chair Yvonne Mallory, Ricky Welden, and Dr. Chris Duree.

Ambassador of the Year Award, presented posthumously to Jerry Welden of Iowa Falls for his longtime support of Ellsworth Community College as an Ellsworth College Trustee, scholarship donor and more. The nomination read, in part, “Jerry Welden was a friend and supporter of education and the community of Iowa Falls for many years. He was a graduate of the Iowa Falls High School and Ellsworth Junior College. His commitment and interest in education was demonstrated by his past service as a member of the Iowa Falls Community School District Board of Education and his service on the Ellsworth College Board of Trustees. He became a member of the Ellsworth College Board of Trustees in March 1983, and was vice president of the Trustee Board from July of 1986 through June 1991, then president from July 1991 through July 2003. Jerry was a dedicated member of the Trustees and worked tirelessly on the Buildings and Grounds Committee and Investment Committee. In 2007, Jerry received an Honorary Doctor of Humanities during ECC’s commencement ceremony. Jerry and his wife, Sue, were long-time supporters of the College through the Ellsworth College Foundation, providing quality educational opportunities to students. One example is the Todd Welden Memorial Scholarship, which was established in memory of their son to support students wanting to engage in international study opportunities. It was the lead gift to the Foundation’s scholarship campaign that focused on the College’s 125th anniversary celebrated in 2015.” The award was accepted by Ricky Welden on behalf of the entire Welden family.

Gregoire Ambassador Award

Ambassador of the Year Award – Pictured are, from left, IVCCD Board Chair Yvonne Mallory, Award Recipient Paul Gregoire, and Dr. Chris Duree.

Ambassador of the Year Award to Paul Gregoire, Vice President of Human Resources of Emerson Process Management/Fisher Controls in Marshalltown, for being instrumental in developing partnerships with Iowa Valley to promote career opportunities in manufacturing to students and community members. The nomination read, in part, “Initially, Paul and his team from Emerson worked with Iowa Valley Continuing Education staff to develop a machine operator program to fill a much needed workforce gap for machinists. Under Paul’s leadership, the program was enhanced to pay students while they are being trained. Not only did this strengthen our communities, but it also spurred economic development by putting people back to work, and this training program has been a model replicated across the state. The success of the partnership can be illustrated by the number of people trained: 240+ individuals so far over the duration of the alliance between Emerson and IVCE. Paul currently serves on the advanced manufacturing sector board, the intermediary advisory committee, the Marshalltown Education Partnership, and the Marshalltown Business Education Alliance. Paul is also immediate past chair of the Iowa Association of Business and Industry.  During his time as chair, he played a key leadership role in the development of the Elevate Iowa manufacturing initiative, a partnership between ABI and all of Iowa’s 15 community colleges. Paul has been a friend to IVCCD, Iowa education, the City of Marshalltown, and he consistently continues to demonstrate a passion and commitment to education at the local, state and federal levels.

Oustanding Service Awards

Outstanding Service Awards – Pictured with their Outstanding Service Awards are, from left, Robin Anctil, Barb Hall, Tammy Losing, Kevin Butt, Marnie Brown, April Graveman, Dr. Jim Cheaney, Brent Ries, Kubi Dagtoros and Dr. Ben Rislow. Not pictured: Dr. Georgeta Crivat and Nancy Slife.

Educational Excellence Award to Barbara Hall, Iowa Valley Grinnell Social Science Faculty, for her creativity in developing linkages between high schools in Poweshiek County and IVG. The nomination read, in part, “Through Barb’s encouragement, Grinnell started sending instructors to BGM High School to teach, and she expanded the view of all high schools in the county for how concurrent enrollment can be a benefit for their students. From one course per semester, BGM now has six rotating courses on site, plus the frequent presence of a college faculty member to counsel BGM students and develop positive communications with online faculty.

Leadership & Communication Award to Tammy Losing, Orpheum Theater Center Office Associate, for displaying loyalty to her position by assuming interim roles and responsibilities at the theater during multiple periods of transition. The nomination read, in part, “Tammy made it possible to keep the Orpheum doors open for movies and other events during these transition periods. She greeted visitors with an ever-present smile in spite of literally running the shows and putting in long hours, week after week. She continuously accepted the responsibility to ensure that events were presented seamlessly to the community, tripled the amount of downtown business employers that supported the December movie series, managed rentals, and maintained relationships with important constituents.

Recognition & Success Award to Robin Anctil, IVCCD Marketing Director, for leadership in the development of the District’s new websites. The nomination read, in part, “She focused on continuous quality improvement by making decisions that pushed people out of their comfort zones, but she knew the improvements and changes would benefit users in the long run. The IVCCD website is the most powerful marketing tool for the colleges, and the magnitude of this project was, at many times, overwhelming. Not only did we end up with a fresh, contemporary website, but she was able to save the District thousands of dollars per year by using a different content management system.”

Partnerships Award to the ECC Math/Science Department (Dr. Jim Cheaney, Dr. Georgeta Crivat, Kubilay Dagtoros, Brent Ries, Dr. Ben Rislow and Nancy Slife) for creating a STEM-friendly environment that encourages students to consider careers in the STEM fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. The nomination read, in part, “This group established an annual STEM Summer Camp in 2014 and attendance nearly tripled in the second year to more than 40 students in grades 3-12. The instructors made the camp fascinating to students and obtained two separate grants to support the camp and further students’ interactions with robotics. Faculty accompanied ECC students this spring to a national robotics competition at Purdue. These talented ECC faculty deserve to be celebrated as a group dedicated to the engagement, growth and success of students interested in STEM.”

Growth Award to Marnie Brown, MCC College Transition Advisor/TRIO SSS Coordinator, for leadership in developing a new Early Alert Referral system to better meet the needs of students and stakeholders. The nomination read, in part, “Marnie spent countless hours putting the new Early Alert System into place and, as a result, the College realized yearly cost savings. She seized the opportunity to radically redesign how IVCCD approaches retention, collaborated with IT staff to design the system, and is now training faculty and staff how to use the new system. If it were not for her stepping up and being willing to take on this extra load, the system would never have gotten off the ground. I can say for certain that she’s the type of advisor I wish I’d had during my academic career.

Quality Award to April Graveman, MCC/ECC Biology & Health Sciences Faculty, whose work has consistently exemplified quality over many years. The nomination read, in part, “April has been instrumental on the Distance Education Advisory Board in advocating for quality coursework and methods to document quality at our institution. Many times she has advised the leadership on processes to move our distance learning program through national assessments of coursework. She was one of the first faculty to achieve Quality Matters certification for her online courses and has now been the first to achieve the coveted Blackboard Exemplary course peer review for her Nutrition course. She regularly seeks out professional development and brings those ideas back to share with other faculty through mentorship, peer review and workshops.

Chancellor’s Award to Kevin Butt, ECC Agriculture Faculty, for establishing a track record of exceptional performance representing all of Iowa Valley’s core values. The nomination read, in part, “Kevin’s program was recognized as the Outstanding Post-Secondary Agriculture program in Iowa by the Iowa Association of Ag Educators, and will be recognized in November by the National Association of Ag Educators. He currently serves on the Iowa FFA Foundation Board, is a member of the Iowa Postsecondary Ag Students (Iowa PAS), and is a member and past president of the Iowa Association of Ag Educators. From Fall 2012 through Fall 2015, enrollment in the ECC ag program grew from 35 students to an average of 60 students. Kevin’s students consistently participate and win top honors at the state and national PAS conference competitions, as well as being elected to a variety of offices for the state PAS organization. And for the past two years, ECC has sent two students to experience agriculture on an international scale by completing farming internships in Germany.

Longevity awards were presented for years of service to the District. Honorees included the following:

20-35 Year Awards

20-Year to 35-Year Awards – Pictured are, from left, George Johnson, Barb Wright, PJ Colbert, Pele Waddilove, Tracie Sawyer, Sheryl Clingerman, Barb Jennings, Robin Anctil, Greg Metzen and Carrie Osborn.

35-Year Award – George Johnson, MCC Business Faculty.

30-Year Awards – Robin Anctil, IVCCD Marketing Director; P.J. Colbert, MCC English Faculty; and Pele Waddilove, MCC Health Occupations Office Associate.

25-Year Awards – Barb Jennings, IVCCD Assistant to the Chancellor/Board Secretary; Tracie Sawyer, IVCCD Accounting Clerk; and Barb Wright; ECC Assistant to the Provost.

20-Year Awards – Sheryl Clingerman, IVCCD Systems Administrator; Greg Metzen, ECC Art Faculty; and Carrie Osborn, WIOA Title I Office Associate.

15-Year Awards

15-Year Awards – Pictured are, from left, Kathi May, Dr. Robin Shaffer-Lilienthal, Shelly Larson, Brian Agnitsch, Amy Good, Ted Lewis and Wendy Lyman. Not pictured: Mandy Brown.

15-Year Awards – Brian Agnitsch, MCC Social Science Faculty; Mandy Brown, MCC Director of Operations & Research/Registrar; Amy Good, MCC Admissions Office Associate; Shelly Larson, MCC Clinical/Nursing Faculty; Ted Lewis, MCC Business Faculty; Wendy Lyman, ECC Receptionist; Kathi May, MCC Clinical/Nursing Faculty; and Dr. Robin Shaffer-Lilienthal, MCC Provost.

10-Year Awards

10-Year Awards PHOTO – Pictured are, from left, Jennifer Fuchs, Dr. Jim Cheaney, Jan Sauerbrei, Bill Chapman, Marjean Clemons, Connie Gardalen and Nate Forsyth. Not pictured: Chris Buls, Megan Gogerty and Jeff Parrott.

10-Year Awards – Chris Buls, IVCCD Computer Support Specialist; Bill Chapman, IVCCD Systems Administrator; Dr. Jim Cheaney, ECC Science Faculty; Marjean Clemons, ECC Library Associate; Nate Forsyth, ECC Director of Athletics & Student Life; Jennifer Fuchs, Director of WIOA Title I; Connie Gardalen, MCC Coordinator of High School Relations/Student Success Specialist; Megan Gogerty, ECC Equine Faculty; Jeff Parrott, IVCCD Helpdesk Administrator; and Jan Sauerbrei, ECC Health Occupations Office Associate.

5-Year Awards – Jesse Adkins, MCC Custodian; Josh Adkins, MCC Plant Services Evening Supervisor; Burke Aschan, MCC HVAC Technician; Matt Bandstra, MCC Anatomy & Physiology/Biology Faculty; Chris Bland, MCC Supervisor of Plant Services; Marnie Brown, MCC College Transition Advisor/TRIO SSS Coordinator; Matt Daniels, MCC Financial Aid Administrator; Anna Dent, MCC Custodian; Jim Dunham, IVG Custodian; Richard Fehrmann, ECC Plant Services Technician; Mandy Fox, MCC TRIO SSS Coordinator; Brian Gray, MCC Floor Care Specialist; Sandra Greufe, ECC Library Services Manager; Chris Harris, MCC Custodian; David Henry, ECC HVAC Technician; Joe Humphrey, ECC Equine & Animal Science Faculty; James Hunt, ECC Floor Care Specialist; Heath Ibeling, ECC Plant Services Technician; Mary Knott, ECC Custodian; Antonio Marquez, MCC Custodian; Mary McCann Fuchsen, IVCE Adult Literacy ESL/HSED Instructor; John Murray, MCC Plant Services Technician; MaryAnne Nickle, IVG Dean; Angie Redmond, MCC Dean of Enrollment & Student Life; Val Ruiz, MCC Student Success Specialist; Craig Schwartz, IVCE McTV Assistant; Joe Schwenneker, ECC Custodian; Kyle Semprini, IVCCD Marketing Coordinator; Tanya Sizemore, ECC Custodian; Byron Steiber, ECC Supervisor of Plant Services; Joe Struss, IVCCD Distance Learning Coordinator; Donna Thompson, MCC Student Success Center Office Associate; Jessica Unger, ECC Custodian; Adam Vogeler, MCC Plant Services Technician; Paul Walker, ECC Lead Custodian; and Dave Wesselmann, ECC Custodian.

The IVCCD mission statement affirms that the institution is committed to providing quality learning experiences, ensuring student success, responding to diverse community needs, and building community partnerships. It is the staff that fulfills this mission through their daily efforts and dedication. The individuals honored for outstanding service and the employees celebrating an employment anniversary milestone were honored and thanked for their efforts on behalf of Iowa Valley and its students.

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