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IVCE is on a mission

By Jon Núñez & Kathy Siebring

Jon NunezIowa Valley Continuing Education is on a mission to prepare individuals for college and fulfilling careers through English language learning and high school equivalency classes. We offer these important services at five satellite locations: downtown Marshalltown, Eldora, Grinnell, Iowa Falls, and Tama. The staff at each of our sites works to increase our students’ self-sufficiency while embracing their diversity.

The programs offered at our five locations depend upon the needs of each community.

The Iowa Valley Education & Training Center (ETC) in downtown Marshalltown opened its doors in 2003. English acquisition and high school equivalence classes are offered both mornings and evenings. Other classes such as Math Refresher, Citizenship, Pre-CNA, Workplace Excellence, and Family Literacy are offered at various times throughout the day depending upon student preferences and enrollment. Childcare is available to students during class time for a minimal fee. This building has hosted several job fairs and other community events over the years.

The program in Eldora is located in the State Training School. High school equivalency classes are offered at this location.

Kathy SiebringThe Grinnell and Iowa Falls locations offer high school equivalency and English acquisition classes. The Iowa Falls program occasionally offers citizenship classes as well.

The newest Iowa Valley location is in the Tama Partnership Center, serving Tama/Toledo area residents. This site offers high school equivalency, citizenship, and English acquisitions classes. Childcare is available to students during class time for a minimal fee.

Students who participate in these IVCE programs have also enjoyed special offerings such as recycling awareness, tours of Marshalltown Community College, visits from area businesses offering employment opportunities, tours of various Marshalltown historical buildings, special health screenings, and tours of the Marshalltown Public Library. They have also heard guest speakers from Iowa Legal Aid, the Iowa Workforce Center and other organizations.

The Iowa Valley Continuing Education adult literacy program has served students from five continents and more than 40 different countries, including places as far away as Morocco and as close as Mexico. There are more than 23 native languages represented by our current student population, including French and Chin. In the 2015-2016 school year the adult literacy programs as a whole served 719 students … we look forward to continued widespread outreach in 2016-2017!

Jon Núñez is Director of Adult Literacy Programs and Kathy Siebring is Education Success Coach for Iowa Valley Continuing Education.

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