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IVCCD Board approves FY18 tuition, room/board rates

The Iowa Valley Community College District (IVCCD) Board of Directors approved 2017-18 tuition and housing/meal plan rates when it met this week in Grinnell.

The Board approved increasing tuition by $5 per credit hour for Iowa residents, which is less than the average tuition increase of all other Iowa community colleges. For non-Iowa residents, the tuition increases by $7 per credit hour. At Ellsworth Community College in Iowa Falls, housing and meal plan rates for 2017-18 will remain the same as they were in 2016-17. At Marshalltown Community College, the meal plan costs will increase by 2.9 percent for students living on campus and by 2.3 percent for commuter students. MCC housing rates will go up $25 per semester.

A contract was approved with TSP, Inc. for development of a District Facilities Assessment Plan, which will include an evaluation of the condition of the District’s facilities on all campuses. The plan will be presented with possible solutions to current and future anticipated problems, an evaluation of probable costs, and a prioritization of each assessment in relation to the others. Board Director Larry Johnson of Iowa Falls asserted that “this is the most important thing we (Board members) do … planning for the future.” The assessment will cost no more than $73,120 plus travel costs, and it will be completed by July 31.

In personnel matters, the Board approved 2 percent salary increases for all regular full-time and part-time benefit eligible non-faculty employees for 2017-18. The Board also approved the 2017-18 master agreement with the Iowa Valley Community College Education Association/ISEA, and a one-year employment contract for IVCCD Chancellor Dr. Chris Duree.

In other matters, the Board approved: an extension of the long-standing lease agreement with the Ellsworth College Trustees for the use of three buildings and parking areas on the ECC campus, a revised contract with the Iowa Department of Human Services for high school equivalency diploma testing at the State Training School in Eldora, a contract between Collin County Community College (Frisco, TX) and MCC for doubling the number of Hispanic students in MCC’s Information Technology programs, a roadway maintenance agreement with the Iowa Department of Transportation, a resolution naming depositories, and revisions to two Board policies.

MaryAnne Nickle, Dean of Iowa Valley Grinnell, and Kelly Davis, Academic Advising Specialist/NACEP Coordinator, gave an update on the District’s concurrent enrollment program whereby high school students take college courses and receive both high school and college credit for those courses. The college credit opportunity helps high school students bridge the gap to college, and Nickle said research shows that students who earn these credits are more likely to enroll and be successful in college. Part of the concurrent enrollment program is accredited by the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP), which ensures that the college credit courses taught at the high school are as rigorous as those taught at the college.

The Board accepted a gift of 276 Winchester 1886 butt stocks given by Turnbull Restoration to the Iowa Valley Grinnell Gunsmith Technology program. In addition, Alliant Energy donated 2,500 feet of plastic pipe and will donate labor to assemble two pressure regulator stations at the MCC Utility Technician training facility.

The next regular meeting of the IVCCD Board will be Wednesday, July 12, at 4 pm at the District Administration Building board room in Marshalltown.

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