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IVCCD bestows outstanding service and longevity awards

Two individuals and one committee received Ambassador of the Year Awards, nine individuals received Outstanding Service Awards, and 28 employees were recognized for their years of service at the annual Iowa Valley Community College District (IVCCD) staff in-service day last week. The employees represent all units of IVCCD, including Ellsworth Community College (ECC), Marshalltown Community College (MCC), Iowa Valley Continuing Education (IVCE), Iowa Valley Community College Grinnell (IVG), and District Administration.

IVCCD Chancellor Dr. Chris Duree presented the Outstanding Service Awards as follows:

Ambassador Award recipients Laura Manatt and Gary Schaudt

Ambassador of the Year Award recipients Laura Manatt and Gary Schaudt.

Ambassador of the Year Award to Gary Schaudt, President of the Marshalltown Community College Foundation Board. The nomination read, in part, “Gary has been steadfast in his commitment to bringing greater public awareness to both the College and the MCC Foundation’s mission for financially supporting students at MCC. Through his active involvement with the Chamber, he has continued to draw attention to MCC, including lobbying for and succeeding in getting the College included in the Marshalltown Educators Day for the first time in over 30 years. Further, he has consistently combined the message of our community college system’s importance in supporting the business community in his meetings with legislators on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce.

Ambassador Award recipients from the ECC 125th Continuing the Vision Scholarship Campaign Committee

Ambassador of the Year Award recipients from the ECC 125th Continuing the Vision Scholarship Campaign Committee members Darwin Miller, Paul Hoversten, Duane Lloyd, Roger Nissly, Barb Klein, Kaitlyn Bartling and Larry Johnson. Not pictured: Dale McDonough, Phil Oppold, Dan Stockdale, Marian Gehrls and Virginia Stockdale.

Ambassador of the Year Award to the Ellsworth Community College 125th Continuing the Vision Scholarship Campaign Committee. The nomination read, in part, “The ECC 125th Continuing the Vision Scholarship Campaign Committee has dedicated its time over the past three years to raise $1.25 million and increase the endowments to 125. The Committee has exceeded that goal, and the Ellsworth College Foundation now has more than 130 endowments. These individuals have donated time and financial and networking resources to the success of the campaign to help ensure scholarship sustainability for Ellsworth students well into the future.  Members of the committee include Roger Nissly (Chairman), Phil Oppold, Dan Stockdale, Dale McDonough, Darwin Miller, Duane Lloyd, Larry Johnson, Barb Klein, Paul Hoversten, Marian Gehrls, Virginia Stockdale and Kaitlyn Bartling.

Ambassador of the Year Award to Laura Manatt, Executive Director of Poweshiek Iowa Development. The nomination read, in part, “In her work with Poweshiek County industry, she has noted that it is increasingly difficult for them to find well-trained employees to hire. She has been working with Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance to develop business internships with local high school students during the last school year and expanding the program to provide the same opportunities for other industries. She is also facilitating the Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance student interns this year to develop ways to improve communication between local employers and high school parents/counselors about local careers and the college programs that provide the appropriate training. All of this is being done in partnership with the MCC Intermediary and the Grinnell campus as well as local high schools in Poweshiek.

2017 Outstanding Service Award recipients

Pictured with their Outstanding Service Awards are, from left, front row: Danielle Kness, Dan Juhl and Sandy Supianoski, and back row: Byron Steiber, Chris Bland, Mike Mosher, Barb Jennings, Joerg Rochlitzer and Ed Jorgensen.

Educational Excellence Award to Sandy Supianoski, Iowa Valley Continuing Education Employer Relations Supervisor, for providing outstanding educational opportunities ranging from kids to adults. The nomination read, in part, “Sandy coordinates the Kids in College program, ACT testing that brings hundreds of high school students to our campuses, and a variety of continuing education courses. She has assisted with the statewide start-up and implementation of the Intermediary, PACE and GAP programs, which she now supervises. She provides a variety of opportunities for students to learn and grow, and she works with businesses to develop innovative programs throughout the District, all of which ultimately result in increased revenue. Her nominator noted she is continuously looking for ways to improve services and processes.

Leadership & Communication Award to Dan Juhl, MCC Coordinator of Residence Life & Student Engagement, for being an active contributor to MCC/IVCCD since his arrival, both within and outside of his department. The nomination read, in part, “There has been noticeable growth in student engagement as evident through resident hall students’ increased participation in campus sponsored activities, and a general feeling of community within the halls. Dan’s assistance with student conduct issues has been invaluable. There has been a measurable reduction in housing issues due to his communication with students and overall programming and community-building. Since his arrival, programming in the residential facilities has increased by over 150 percent and the number of housing violations has decreased by over 50 percent. In addition to his tremendous work in housing, he has also taken a leadership role with Title IX compliance at MCC.

Recognition & Success Award to Ed Jorgensen, Iowa Valley Grinnell Business & Paralegal Faculty, for stepping in last year to teach online courses for ECC following the unexpected death of a ECC Economics Professor Greg Hodak. The nomination read, in part, “Ed was more than willing to step in and teach online courses to meet the needs of the ECC students over the summer and he continued teaching through fall. This past spring, he has also provided face-to-face instruction at ECC, travelling from his home in Montezuma to Iowa Falls for classes on Thursday of each week. Additionally, he has been very involved with student engagement activities on the Iowa Valley Grinnell campus, not the least of which was putting on a pair of women’s high heels to participate in the Phi Theta Kappa Walk A Mile in Her Shoes event. He is an excellent model of contribution to student success in the District.”

Partnerships Award to Joerg Rochlitzer, ECC Social Science Faculty, for developing partnerships within the Iowa Falls community and far beyond Iowa’s borders. The nomination read, in part, “Within our community, Joerg constantly markets and represents Ellsworth Community College, whether it be presence in community groups, representing ECC at various community functions, or as a guest presenter to institutions and organizations, both in state and out of state. He has worked tirelessly on our international partnerships, often coming to the office in the wee hours of the morning and staying well past dark to communicate with partners on opposite sides of the ocean. His latest endeavor, to build an international learning experience and study abroad program for ECC and MCC, has presented our students with a unique educational experience, while fostering a positive partnership with other countries.”

Growth Award to Dr. Danielle Kness, MCC Biology Faculty, for outstanding work advising the MCC Ecology Club and encouraging students, faculty and staff to participate in ecology events. The nomination read, in part, “Under Danielle’s leadership, Ecology Club meetings include speakers and activities focusing on conservation, plants and animals, and sustainable living. The club has also taken field trips to local nature areas and zoos. Students have had the opportunity to not only learn about the biology involved in conservation, but also the socioeconomic and cultural aspects involved in saving endangered species through their trips in the past year to Blank Park Zoo, monarch tagging and butterfly release, hiking trip to Ledges State Park, Reiman Gardens & butterfly exhibit, a plant sale at the Marshall Town Center (proceeds benefitted the MCC greenhouse and Ecology Club), Earth Day events, Lake Red Rock activities, art contest, and recycling contest. She also is recognized for revitalizing the MCC Field Ecology course.

Quality Award to Barb Jennings and Mike Mosher, Co-Chairs of the IVCCD Administrative Support Services Assessment Committee, which has developed an assessment tool to measure the District’s success in serving students. The nomination read, in part, “Their leadership on this process and ongoing enthusiasm and motivation to meet timelines and set goals has been exceptional. They are so thoughtful in bringing our committee members to the table and have worked endlessly on searching the best practices at other institutions which will lead our College to a successful and effective process in the end! Our committee has great admiration and respect for both of our co-chairs, and they have made it enjoyable to be part of the process. The co-chairs have also served as role models for everyone else to follow in the first year of implementing IVCCD’s new Performance Excellence Model.

Chancellor’s Award to Chris Bland and Byron Steiber, MCC and ECC Plant Services Campus Supervisors, for going above and beyond in performance and support of the College. The nomination read, in part, “As I travel the District, I observe many examples of exceptional performance that make me very proud of our organization, and at the end of the year, I attempt to sort out who has clearly stood out in their given area through their achievements or by assuming additional tasks or responsibilities in order to advance the mission of the College. This past year, Chris and Byron did just that. On top of all of the responsibility they already had, they absorbed several new responsibilities that came as a result of the reduction of a full-time District administrative position and even more responsibility through committee assignments in preparation of our accreditation visits by the Department of Education and Higher Learning Commission. Possibly what is most noteworthy was their positive, get it done attitudes as they were asked to shoulder more and more responsibility throughout the year, and accept their new responsibilities without ever asking for anything in return. These two have clearly stepped up this year when we needed them to, and all of us are better off because of the leadership they provide in their positions.

Longevity awards were presented for years of service to the District. Honorees included the following:

30-Year and 35-Year Service Award recipients

30-35 Year Awards – Pictured are, from left, Steve Muntz (30), Renaie Hutzel (30), Lynn Hickman (35) and Donna Beltrame (35).

35-Year Awards – Lynn Hickman, IVCE WIOA Title I Program Coordinator; and Donna Beltrame, ECC Physical Education Faculty.

30-Year Awards – Renaie Hutzel, MCC Executive Assistant; and Steve Muntz, MCC Broadcasting/Digital Media Faculty.

20-Year and 25-Year Service Award recipients

20-25 Year Awards – Pictured are, from left, Renae Whittington (20), Valerie Forrest (25), Tara Miller (20), Mike Mosher (20), Deb Hawks (20) and Barb Klein (25).

25-Year Awards – Valerie Forrest, IVCCD Accounting Clerk; and Barb Klein; ECC Dean of Student Affairs.

20-Year Awards – Deb Hawks, IVCE Director of Business & Industry Training; Mike Mosher, IVCCD Database Administrator; Tara Miller, ECC Financial Aid Administrator; and Renae Whittington, ECC Library Associate.

10-Year and 15-Year Service Award recipients

10-15 Year Awards – Pictured are, from left, Abby Von Fumetti (15), Brenda Heitmeyer (15), Sherilyn Hitch (15), Adriane Sietsema (10), Dee Lynk (10), Wanda Koehrsen (10) and Nancy Adams (10). Not pictured: Liz Lacina (10).

15-Year Awards – Sherilyn Hitch, IVCE Director of Adult Basic Education/High School Completion; Brenda Heitmeyer, MCC Computer Networking Faculty; and Abby Von Fumetti, MCC Math Faculty.

10-Year Awards – Wanda Koehrsen, ECC TRIO Coordinator/Student Success Specialist; Adriane Sietsema, ECC Director of Admissions; Nancy Adams, MCC Social Sciences Faculty; Liz Lacina, MCC Foundation Office Associate; and Dee Lynk, MCC/ECC Medical Assisting Coordinator/Practicum Coordinator.

5-Year Service Award recipients

5-Year Awards – Pictured are, from left, Kelly Davis, Lara Thoms, Amber Bolen, Rachael Koehler, Marie Sheneman, Chris Brees, Patty Mendoza, Carol Geil, Julie Burchett and Cole Spree.

5-Year Awards – Rachael Koehler, IVCE Program Developer; Patty Mendoza, IVCE Assessment Specialist; Julie Burchett, ECC Equine Faculty; Cole Spree, ECC DHFAC Director & ECC Head Wrestling Coach; Kelly Davis, IVG Academic Advising Specialist/Coordinator of Poweshiek County High School Relations; Amber Bolen, MCC Student Finance Advisor; Chris Brees, MCC Director of Student Engagement & Residence Life; Carol Geil, MCC Foundation Executive Director; Marie Sheneman, MCC Social Sciences Faculty; and Lara Thoms, MCC I-HUM Grant & Career Services Coordinator.

The IVCCD mission statement affirms that the institution is committed to providing quality learning experiences, ensuring student success, responding to diverse community needs, and building community partnerships. It is the staff that fulfills this mission through their daily efforts and dedication. The individuals honored for outstanding service and the employees celebrating an employment anniversary milestone were honored and thanked for their efforts on behalf of Iowa Valley and its students.

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