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Iowa Valley/MCC offers community support

In response to the vast and varied needs generated by the July 19 tornado that hit Marshalltown, Iowa Valley/Marshalltown Community College is responding to multiple requests for assistance. To facilitate access and help campus visitors find those they’re seeking, here’s a rundown of what’s happening and where:

  • The national offices of American Red Cross will use the MCC facilities as follows:
    • Classrooms 529-531-533 are the central command center for approximately 50-100 American Red Cross workers. They can be accessed from the south parking lot through Door #9.
    • A significant portion of MCC’s south parking lot (on the east side) is designated as an Emergency Distribution Center, with space for cargo trucks and semi-trailers delivering and distributing food, first aid kits, cleaning supplies, and more. Some distribution semi-trailers are also located in the south and northwest parking lots.
    • Babe Harder Gym is set up with cots so that as many as 150 volunteers who have come into the community will have a place to sleep, shower, and do their laundry. Access is on the southwest corner of the campus through Doors #5, #6 or #7.
    • Red Cross volunteers are using our food service area in connection with the meals they are preparing for their volunteers and providing in the community.
  • Administrators from Lennox Manufacturing are conducting their emergency operations from the Iowa Valley Continuing Education Center (on the southwest corner of the campus); they’re located in the 800 hallway.
  • Classroom 527 and one office are being provided to the Marshall County Courthouse so that bench trials can be conducted.
  • Staff from the Iowa Valley Education & Training Center, which sustained structural damage from the tornado, are now working in the Business Training Center on the northeast corner of the campus. ETC classes are canceled for the week of June 23-27; an announcement about next week’s classes will be made soon.
  • The Orpheum Theater Center sustained significant structural damage. The building is closed, and all upcoming events are canceled until further notice. The Orpheum staff are working from an office in MCC’s Faust Student Union.
  • Since all motels in the area are full, MCC has opened its student apartments for the utility workers who have been deployed to the area to restore energy. More than 70 utility technicians will be in MCC student housing by Wednesday evening.
  • QPS Employment Offices will be temporarily located in the Continuing Education Center (southwest corner of the campus, room 614) July 25-27.

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