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Industries That Need Welders

With more than fifty percent of the goods made in the U.S. welded it’s no wonder there are numerous different options for a career in welding. There are over thirty different methods of welding that can be used to create many of our everyday conveniences that wouldn’t be possible without welding. Find just the right spark to get your career in welding started. Here are just some of the industries that are looking for welders, some are options you have probably not even thought of!


The aerospace industry uses several different welding methods. Aerospace Engineers even employed welders to make the first commercial aircraft. Electrical arc welding as well as plasma arc welding are used to repair aircrafts as well as joining sheeting and precision work. MIG welding is used for manufacturing aircrafts.

Ship & Boat Building

Staying with the transportation industry, the ship and boat building industry was one of the largest employers of welders in the U.S. in the early and mid-20th century. This has lowered due to competition in this industry with other countries. Welders can even take a step further in this industry and become welder-divers. These are certified scuba divers who train to weld underwater. They are employed for the specific purpose of repairing ships and are in the oil and gas industry.


Another transportation area that is in need of welders is the railroad industry. A form of welding frequently used in this industry, shot welding. This is a type of spot welding used to join two pieces of metal together by clamping them together than passing a large electric current through them for a period of time.


The majority of welders in the U.S. are employed in manufacturing. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 63% of welders are employed in the industry. Welders employed in manufacturing often use automated machines to weld or solder parts together for more complex production.

Within the manufacturing industry, welders have a variety of career fields they may peruse such as architectural and structural metals, agriculture, construction, and mining machinery manufacturing or motor vehicle body and trailer manufacturing industry.


A wide variety of welding techniques are needed in the construction industry. Welding is an important part of commercial construction, civil engineering-style projects as well as building bridges, dams or utility plants. Welders help create the structural metal portion on a construction site.

MIG welding is used primarily when joining metals like aluminum but in construction steel is the more common material used and can also be done using MIG welding. Over 50% of the steel produced globally is used in construction of commercial and residential buildings. Welding is also a great skill to have to repair machines or broken tools. Flux-cored welding, shielded-metal arc welding and plasma arc welding are also used in the construction industry.

Military Welders

The military may not jump to the front of your mind when you think of welders but this is a field that they are needed. Military welders are welders that work for the military and are in the military…of course. Because Military welders work in the military they must also go through basic military training, protocols and the physical fitness of military professionals. Military welders have the important responsibility to manufacture, repair and maintain military vehicles, weapons and facilities.

Welders can work and are hired in a variety of industries that are needed to make our world function. There are more than 100 different processes that a welder can use. Welding could be the career field for you. Find out what programs are offered through Marshalltown Community College or try out a class through Iowa Valley Continuing Education.

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