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The Difference Between Credit and Non Credit Classes

If you are just starting to think about gaining new job skills, you may be considering taking a few classes. When you read course material, it will refer to “credit” and “non-credit” classes. You might not be familiar with the difference between the two, but they each play a key role in higher education and provide valuable career training, and one might be a better fit for you.   Credit vs….

Why I Chose a Community College: One Top Student’s Perspective

As a valedictorian graduating from Iowa Falls-Alden High School, I never took community college off my radar. In fact, I looked at them first before four-year colleges. The Smart Choice Close to Home Ellsworth has a 2+2 program, meaning I can graduate with my Associate’s degree in Liberal Arts and transfer seamlessly to the University…

9 Questions to Ask on a College Tour

College visits are exciting and fun! It’s easy for you (or your student) to get caught up in the moment during your visit, checking out the on-campus sites. Make the most of your time on campus by jotting down a few questions beforehand. While you are there, as a parent, here are nine questions to…

What Admissions Counselors Want You to Know

Applying for college is an exciting step in many people’s life.  However, it can also be a little intimidating, especially if you are the first person in your family to pursue higher education.  (Psst. We’ve got a post for that, too. Check it out!) These are the things our admissions counselors want you to know…