COVID-19 Update

Check for additional updates regarding IVCCD’s responses to COVID-19.

Our campuses are open to select students and employees only. Online classes are going smoothly; lab classes and events remain canceled until mid-April. Students can access services and staff through email. Our switchboards are accepting calls, but most staff are not on campus at this time.

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COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

These are FAQs regarding our college responses to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak.  We will update and replace as new information becomes available.

Will students be issued refunds for housing or food service if they choose to go home?

At this time our student housing and food service remain open for students who are unable to return home.  We have not yet discussed the possibility of refunds because we are dealing with immediate public health needs.  Students in our residence halls will be kept informed via their emails as additional information becomes available.

How will students complete graduation requirements if lab classes don’t happen until April?

We are committed to making sure that all students will finish the things they need to graduate.  Students with labs will be contacted by their instructors to inform them of the changes and to discuss if any lecture components will be taught virtually during the lab hiatus.

Am I still able to use the wellness centers (Dale Howard Family Activity Center  at Ellsworth CC and Student Activity Center at Marshalltown CC)?

Due to Governor Reynolds’ proclamation, the ECC Dale Howard Family Activity Center and the MCC Student Activity Center are closed to everyone until further notice.

What guidance is there for students who travelled out of the state or out of the country over spring break?

Everyone should be practicing social distancing and proper hygiene. If you have recently traveled, please take extra precautions based on your area of travel.

Will student workers be expected to report to work?

Student workers should check with their supervisors for specific instructions. Students should also regularly check their email.

Are students able to return to campus?

For public health safety, our campuses are only open to IVCCD employees.

Will class times remain the same once they transition to an online/Zoom format?

Yes! Classes times will remain the same.  Please keep in mind that if you returned home and are now in a different time zone, you will need to adjust your time as classes will continue to meet in Central Daylight Time.

What will happen to students’ belongings if they were not able to return after spring break?

Housing staff are working hard to accommodate students to help them collect their belongings or make arrangements to store belongings until a time in which students can collect their things.  Students should check their email for instructions and communications from housing staff.

Are plans for graduation/commencement being changed?

At this time leadership has been focused on ensuring a smooth transition to online/Zoom classes for the remainder of the semester and maintaining public health.  No discussion has taken place regarding graduation.

What is happening to events on campus?

All events on campus have been cancelled or postponed until classes resume after April 13, 2020. Some events after April 13 may also be impacted by advanced cancellations or postponements.

What steps are being taken to clean the IVCCD facilities?

In addition to our standard cleaning practices we have added the following preventative measures: implementation of extra measures to clean and disinfect surfaces in public areas that are touched frequently including door handles and light switches; reducing access to buildings and/or rooms not in use to focus cleaning efforts on high traffic areas; and using IDPH and CDC guidelines for cleaning products to kill the COVID-19 virus.

What guidance is there if I have recently had a fever, cough, or other symptoms?

To limit the potential for exposure to others, if you have recently had a fever or cough, do not come to campus. Employees should not report to work but should contact their supervisors instead.  Isolate yourself to keep from potentially exposing others, seek medical advice from your primary care medical provider (please call first).  You can also call First Nurse if you do not have a regular primary care provider at 800-534-6877.

When will dual credit classes for high school students resume?

Concurrent enrollment (CEP) classes that were originally online resumed on March 18. CEP classes that were intended to be face-to-face will transition to an online or Zoom format beginning on March 23 at the same days and times as initially scheduled.  All students should regularly check their email for correspondence from the college and their instructors.  ECC, MCC and IVG campuses are open to currently enrolled students for those who need access to computers or internet for their classes.

What buildings and/or rooms are open for students to use?

  1. ECC – Housing open to students unable to return home; Gentle Student Center for food service (to go meals only); Switchboard 8 am – 4:30 pm
  2. MCC –Housing open to students unable to return home; Food service (to go meals only); Switchboard 8 am – 4:30pm
  3. IVG – Switchboard and computer lab 8 am – 4:30 pm.
  4. CE – Switchboard 8 am – 4:30 pm.
  5. DO – Administration, business office, human resources, marketing and IT 8 am – 4:30 pm (may be remote).
  6. Orpheum Theater – Closed

Can Library Services be utilized?

Osgood Library and BJ Harrison Library are open to online services available through PawPass.

How will students and the public be notified if there are changes?

Students should check their email regularly. The Emergency Notification System may be utilized if immediate communication is needed.  All news releases and communications to students and employees are posted to the IVCCD website, which can be viewed for reference at any time.

Will faculty still have office hours?

Faculty will have virtual office hours and can be reached by email. Contact individual faculty members for details about their office hours.

Will staff still be available during business hours?

IVCCD will still be open regular business hours (Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 4:30 pm). Some staff will be able to work from home temporarily, pending their job duties.  Please use phone or email to contact staff directly.  Contact information can be found on our directory at

Can I refer someone with flu-like symptoms to ECC and MCC nursing faculty?

Please do not refer individuals to nursing faculty. This is not their job and would increase their risk of exposure.  Instead, direct the individual exhibiting symptoms to return home and call their healthcare provider or First Nurse.

Will students still be able to register for fall classes?

Yes! Students are still able to register for classes. Contact your advisor via email to discuss registration options. Priority registration for TRIO participants, students receiving VA benefits, and December graduates opens March 23.  Registration for all other students opens April 1.


If you are interested, the Iowa Department of Health and the Center for Disease Control both are excellent resources available online.
Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a virus (more specifically, a coronavirus) identified as the cause of an outbreak of respiratory illness first detected in Wuhan, China.

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