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Mark Monroe

Mark Monroe


Math Faculty




Marshalltown Community College


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MCC 503


Mark received his BA in Math and Computer Science from St. Olaf College, and his MS in Industrial Engineering and Management from Oklahoma State University. After 20 years working as an engineer and computer scientist, he returned to “his love” of teaching in 2004. “I have the opportunity to touch the lives of several hundred students per year. If I can help them to understand that math is logical and meaningful, that is my first goal. If I can help them to start to see math as a tool that they can use in their work and life, to solve problems, and improve their lives, I have met my second goal. My third goal is to add mathematical tools to people’s tool belts. You might think that this should be my first goal, but for many students who see math as illogical and useless, this goal is unachievable without first making progress on the first two goals. I have taught nearly every math course that we offer at MCC, and enjoy teaching every one of them.”

Courses I currently teach: Math for Liberal Arts, Math for Elementary Teachers, Statistics, Statistics II, Calculus, Calculus II

Other Math Courses I have taught: Algebra, Geometry & Trigonometry, Finite Math, Precalculus