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IVCCD bestows numerous awards

Two individuals and one large group received Ambassador of the Year Awards, nine people received Outstanding Service Awards, four people were honored for a heroic life-saving rescue, one person was honored for leadership with heart, and 23 employees were recognized for their years of service at the annual Iowa Valley Community College District (IVCCD) staff in-service day this week. The employees represent all units of IVCCD, including Ellsworth Community College (ECC), Marshalltown Community College (MCC), Iowa Valley Continuing Education (IVCE), Iowa Valley Community College Grinnell (IVG), and District Administration.

IVCCD Chancellor Dr. Chris Duree presented the awards as follows:

Ambassador of the Year Award to Terry Buzbee, retired President of Emerson Process Management. The nomination read, in part, “Terry Buzbee was the driving force behind the Marshalltown Education Partnership program and has been serving as chair of the MEP Board. He was instrumental in forming the Marshalltown Business Education Alliance, which brings community leaders and educators together to improve the Marshalltown education system and build a skilled workforce. During his time as President of Emerson Process Management, he was supportive of building the award winning Machine Operator Training program, and he has been one of the community’s strongest supporters of MCC Athletics and Men’s Basketball. As anyone who has worked with Terry Buzbee already knows, he is fully committed to making Marshalltown a better place to live, work, go to school and raise a family.” Terry Buzbee was not able to attend the event, so his award will be given in October.

Ambassador of the Year Award to the Church Women United of Iowa Falls. The nomination read, in part, “The Iowa Falls Church Women United is a multi-denominational volunteer non-profit organization representing 13 churches that puts over $100,000 back into the Iowa Falls community each year. Church Women United volunteers operate the local thrift store, and since 1973, with proceeds from the store, have donated $1.4 million to more than 30 organizations, including Iowa Valley Community College District. Since 1996, the Church Women United have supported IVCCD’s most vulnerable students and helped them achieve success by donating scholarship funds for various programs including the Greenbelt Alternative High School, HSED testing and books, the ECC Learning Center, and Iowa Falls HSED/ESL programs. Their donations to IVCCD have exceeded $27,000, and we cannot say thank you enough for the support they have given to ECC, IVCCD, and, in particular, our students.

Ambassador of the Year Award to Dr. Janet Stutz, Superintendent of Grinnell-Newburg School District. The nomination read, in part, “In the two years Dr. Stutz has served as superintendent of the Grinnell-Newburg School District, she has been a supporter of IVCCD in several ways. She has worked with Iowa Valley Grinnell to provide space in the bus garage at Grinnell Middle School to house the IVG Automotive Repair Technology program. This program began with a lift and a few tools, and now boasts improved air handling, three lifts, small classroom area, plus all the equipment and materials to provide a quality lab for training auto technicians. Dr. Stutz has also taken a leadership role as chair of the Regional Planning Partnership for Region 6. This partnership brings together our district’s high schools, AEA and IVCCD to develop partnerships around secondary and post-secondary CTE programs. Her leadership during the first years of the partnership has helped to create the structure for the future.

Educational Excellence Award to Wendy Valentine, ECC Psychology Faculty, for her classroom projects, ECC club sponsorship, and community involvements. The nomination read, in part, “Wendy has students involved in many activities around campus and the community. Her students take part in Diversity Day activities as well as the silent day for people suffering from depression and other mental health issues. Wendy is an advisor for the Social & Behavioral Sciences Club (SBSC) and her students volunteer with the Read Across America Breakfast. This year SBSC co-hosted a garage sale to raise money for student events. Wendy is a leader as she leads by example; many students respect her and look forward to taking her classes.

Leadership & Communication Award to the ECC Academic Affairs Interim Team (Honoria Balogh, Lynn Duit, Joerg Rochlitzer and Eric Weuve) for assuming the Dean of Academic Affairs duties while the position was vacant for several months. The nomination read, in part, “These individuals agreed to take on numerous responsibilities in addition to their regular work. They stepped up to the plate by assisting Dr. Martin Reimer and ECC by playing leadership roles in the Arts and Sciences, Career and Technical Education, Assessment, Curriculum, Institutional Effectiveness, and Assurance Argument writing for the Higher Learning Commission. Because of the work of this interim group, ECC was not only able to keep up with academic compliance issues, but they also moved forward as an organization working on key strategic initiatives.

Recognition & Success Award to Angie Redmond, MCC Dean of Enrollment & Student Life, for continually working toward quality improvement. The nomination read, in part, “Nominators emphasize the extent to which Angie projects a warm, cheerful attitude toward students, staff, faculty and administration. She continually works toward quality improvement of her unit’s retention plan, and is open to constructive feedback from all parties to create a successful working document. Her support of Residence Life/Student Engagement has led to a 60% decrease in student code of conduct violations, and under her support and targeted initiatives, the numbers of international and minority students have increased dramatically.

Partnerships Award to MaryAnne Nickle, Dean of Iowa Valley Grinnell, for her outreach and coordination with area high schools and local businesses. The nomination read, in part, “MaryAnne’s efforts have led to steadily increasing enrollment for the past several years. In addition, she chairs and leads NACEP, which directly impacts our high schools across the district, and she was instrumental in negotiating the new dual credit contracts with all high schools. Her leadership has resulted in partnerships with Brownells, the University of Iowa, Poweshiek County High Schools, Marshalltown High School, Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance, and the POW I-80 economic development group.”

Growth Award to Becky Hassett, Workforce Investment Opportunity Act (WIOA) Supervisor, for leadership in her new role. The nomination read, in part, “Becky moved into a leadership role as WIOA Supervisor on Aug. 1, 2017. She quickly made the job her own and began building new relationships with local team members, community college staff, other partners, and state leadership staff. She was instrumental in revamping the workshops offered at IowaWORKS Iowa Valley, and as a result attendance is steadily increasing. She has focused on expanding our presence and involvement in the Region 6 school districts including the alternative high schools, Adult Basic Education locations, and the Iowa State Training School.

Quality Award to Honoria Balogh, ECC English Faculty, for ensuring quality learning experiences for her students. The nomination read, in part, “Because of Honoria’s leadership, quality improvements were made to the student learning assessment process, course syllabi, and measurable outcomes, and a comprehensive assessment handbook was developed. Through her persistent and highly motivated work ethic, effective communication, and commitment to IVCCD’s mission, the District made significant progress in helping IVCCD fulfill the Higher Learning Commission’s criterion expectations and standards of excellence for accreditation.

Chancellor’s Award to Scott Kauzlarich, ECC Social Science Faculty, for volunteering to announce athletic events for the ECC Panthers. The nomination read, in part, “For many years, Scott has volunteered countless hours on his weekends and evenings to work a majority of the ECC athletic events as an announcer. He has taken over the duties full-time as the football announcer for home games on Saturdays, and has announced the past four Graphic Edge Bowl games. ECC Athletic Director Nate Forsyth refers to Scott as “Golden Pipes,” noting that he does not receive any compensation whatsoever, and has always been willing to volunteer his time to work athletic events. He is greatly appreciated by everyone in the athletic department, including the student athletes.

Certificates of Recognition to Chris Buls, Shelly Larson and Jill Stufflebeam for saving the life of co-worker Jeff Parrott, who suffered a heart attack on the MCC campus last summer. The nomination read, in part, “On Oct. 2, one of our employees suddenly went down for the count, suffering a heart attack at work. He had no pulse, his heart had quit beating. Thanks to swift actions by a student worker and three of our colleagues, his life was saved. They called 911, grabbed the defibrillator, and administered what I would call, quite literally, a rather shocking experience. They were able to bring him back to life and remained with him until the ambulance arrived to rush him to the hospital. Thankfully, Jeff is still with us to recognize the three very special people who saved his life.

Leadership with Heart Award to Dr. Chris Duree, IVCCD Chancellor, for his leadership and community support following the July 19 tornado in Marshalltown. The nomination read, in part, “Immediately following the tornado, Chris canceled his own plans and met with city officials, business leaders, and emergency management personnel over the weekend. He was at the college the following week to ensure that the Red Cross and Lennox staffers and many others had what they needed. And he continued to steer the ship the following week, organizing a free meal for the Red Cross volunteers and Alliant Energy technicians who had been hard at work for two solid weeks, and then delivering leftovers to a local church serving free meals to tornado victims. He certainly has demonstrated leadership with heart.”

Longevity awards were presented for years of service to the District. Honorees included the following:

20-Year Awards – Kevin Cartier, MCC Computer/Business Faculty; April Graveman, ECC & MCC Biology/Health Sciences Faculty; Fonda Hopp, MCC Nursing Faculty; Dan Key, MCC Senior Academic Advising Specialist.

15-Year Awards – Laura Armstrong, IV Grinnell English Faculty; Lisa Breja, IVCCD Institutional Researcher & HLC Accreditation Liaison Officer; Ann Ersland, ECC Nursing Faculty; and Martha Schwandt, MCC Learning Services Specialist.

10-Year Awards – Chris Duree, IVCCD Chancellor; Jon Nunez, IVCE Director of Adult Literacy Programs; and Colleen Springer, IVCCD Vice Chancellor of Administrative Services.

5-Year Awards – Travis Akre, ECC Academic Advising Specialist & Head Baseball Coach; Rosario Alvarez, Human Resources Assistant; Travis Bloomquist, IVCCD Programmer/ Systems Administrator; Matt Edwards, IVCCD Energy Specialist; Steve Garber, MCC Academic Advising Specialist & Head Women’s Basketball Coach; Barb Hall, IV Grinnell Social Science Faculty; Tammy Losing, Orpheum Theater Center Office Associate; Charisse Off, ECC Nursing Faculty; Brent Ries, ECC Math Faculty; Suzanne Sprouse, IVCCD Payroll Coordinator; Jill Stufflebeam, MCC Nursing Faculty; and Mary Weaver, ECC Finance Executive Assistant.

The IVCCD mission statement affirms that the institution is committed to providing quality learning experiences, ensuring student success, responding to diverse community needs, and building community partnerships. It is the staff that fulfills this mission through their daily efforts and dedication. The individuals honored for outstanding service and the employees celebrating an employment anniversary milestone were honored and thanked for their efforts on behalf of Iowa Valley and its students.

Church Women United of Iowa Falls

Ambassador of the Year Award recipient: Church Women United of Iowa Falls.

Dr. Janet Stutz

Ambassador of the Year Award recipient Dr. Janet Stutz.

Outstanding Service Award recipients

Outstanding Service Award recipients Honoria Balogh, Joerg Rochlitzer, Angie Redmond, MaryAnne Nickle, Scott Kauzlarich, Becky Hassett, Wendy Valentine, Lynn Duit, and Eric Weuve.

Certificates of Recognition

Certificate of Recognition recipients Shelly Larson, Jill Stufflebeam and Chris Buls with Jeff Parrott (second from left).

20-Year Employees

20-year employees Kevin Cartier, April Graveman, Fonda Hopp, and Dan Key.

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