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IVCCD bestows numerous awards

IVCCD Outstanding Service Awards

Pictured are Outstanding Service Award recipients Carolyn Briggs, Travis Bloomquist, Mark Monroe, Mandy Brown and Michele Frost; Rafael Martinez is not pictured.

One individual received an Ambassador of the Year Award, six people received Outstanding Service Awards, and 32 employees were recognized for their years of service at the annual Iowa Valley Community College District (IVCCD) staff in-service day last week. The employees represent all units of IVCCD, including Ellsworth Community College (ECC), Marshalltown Community College (MCC), Iowa Valley Continuing Education (IVCE), Iowa Valley Community College Grinnell (IVG), and District Administration.

IVCCD Chancellor Dr. Kristie Fisher presented the awards as follows:

Ambassador Award John Dolan

John Dolan

Ambassador of the Year Award to John Dolan, current Ellsworth College Board of Trustees member, Iowa Falls. The nomination read, in part, “Over the years, John Dolan has been a very active supporter of Ellsworth Community College and Iowa Valley Community College District. His service to IVCCD began as an instructor and coach for ECC and continues with him serving as a member of the Ellsworth College Board of Trustees since 1983; he was also chair of the Iowa Falls 2019 Vote Yes Bond Referendum Committee. John met with many groups and organizations throughout Hardin County promoting the bond referendum and sharing IVCCD’s needs with the community.  As a member of the Trustees, John initiated the Welcome Back to School pork loin dinner hosted by the Trustees each year, and he serves on the investment and finance committee and chairs the marketing and outreach committee. John and his wife, Dee, have endowed a scholarship with the Foundation supporting minority student athletes, and they are dedicated members of the Pat Clark Art Collection, E-Club and Calkins Nature Area, all of which support ECC’s programming.”

Ambassador Award Jeff Finch

Jeff Finch

Ambassador of the Year Award to Jeff Finch, Wes Finch Auto Plaza, Grinnell. The nomination read, in part, “Jeff Finch has been a strong proponent of the Automotive Technology program in Grinnell since its inception, including providing a technician to help develop the curriculum, allowing use of his facilities for training during the early years of the program, and providing continued assistance in searching for adjunct faculty. Jeff has hired three graduate technicians from the program and encouraged his Service Manager to participate on the Auto Tech advisory committee. He also provided equipment to Iowa Valley Grinnell’s current lab when Wes Finch Auto Plaza was required to upgrade its equipment due to a franchise agreement with the auto companies. Jeff is also a member of the Iowa Valley Regional Planning Partnership and his attendance and participation on that committee have been outstanding.

Educational Excellence Award to Carolyn Briggs, MCC English Faculty. The nomination read, in part, “The recipient of IVCCD’s Educational Excellence Award is known for always being willing to help out with events with cheerfulness and grace.  She has had a positive influence on the MCC campus by providing opportunities for students to express themselves in variety of ways, including poetry. She works tirelessly as the MCC Diversity Committee Chair to increase awareness of diversity issues and the importance of not just appreciating but embracing different perspectives and ideas. In addition to serving on the Honors Committee, she personally invests in each of her students and motivates them to succeed and reach their goals. One of her students shared that Carolyn has been her greatest mentor and has helped her to surpass her expectations and realize that there is so much more in life than she ever thought possible.

Leadership & Communication Award to Mark Monroe, MCC Math Faculty. The nomination read, in part, “The recipient of IVCCD’s Leadership and Communication Award exhibits a willingness to take on difficult projects in addition to his busy teaching schedule. One of his nominators stated that he does projects “no one else wants to do, and he does them well.” His leadership is evident not only on his own campus, but districtwide as well. He serves on the IIE Student Learning Assessment Committee, IIE Steering Committee, HLC Assurance Argument Subcommittee, IVCCD Curriculum Committee, Liberal Arts & Sciences Review Development Committee, and WEAVE Implementation Committee. If that weren’t enough, he also teaches a Math Honors course, participates in the annual Kids in College, co-chairs the LEGO League Committee, and leads math activities during the summer STEM camp. Mark Monroe is known for treating everyone with respect and communicating openly and clearly, sometimes asking tough questions, but always with the goal of getting everyone on the same page. Mark’s work ethic and dedication are evident and appreciated by all.

Recognition & Success Award to Rafael Martinez, MCC Head Soccer Coach. The nomination read, in part, “The recipient of IVCCD’s Recognition and Success Award demonstrates IVCCD’s mission of ensuring student success and providing quality learning experiences by supporting his student-athletes both on and off the field. He carries a roster of 30+ students and retains more than 90% of his student-athletes each year. He sets a high standard of what it means to be an MCC Tiger athlete, and promotes students being involved in their educational experience, such as participating in study hall and ensuring they have a Student-Athlete Academic Success Plan. He fosters partnerships with international recruiters to ensure that the students brought to MCC have the ability to succeed both on and off the field, as evidenced by 23 of MCC’s 27 soccer players being Academic All-Region this year. Rafael Martinez was named the Iowa Community College Athletic Association Coach of the Year and his team was the Region XI Champions, District IV Champions, and National Tournament Qualifying team.  In addition to his coaching duties at MCC, Rafael teaches physical education at Marshalltown High School, and he is active in the community by coordinating the Boy Scout Soccer League, facilitating the Adult Soccer League after damage to the Coliseum, partnering with Woodbury Elementary School and JBS with soccer projects, and assisting with tornado relief.

Partnerships Award to Travis Bloomquist, IVCCD Programmer/Systems Administrator. The nomination read, in part, “The recipient of IVCCD’s Partnership Award is well-known across the District for having the ability to work efficiently and effectively with others to create systems and processes to improve IVCCD’s programs and services for our internal and external stakeholders. His most recent project took many hours of time working with users both within and outside the District to create a dual credit portal to facilitate communication with and strengthen the relationships between IVCCD and area high schools by providing real-time information and tools related to high school student enrollment. In addition to this project, Travis Bloomquist has worked with departments across the district to develop multiple programs that have benefitted faculty, staff and students: the early alert system, intermediary portal, HR’s job posting process, and Marketing’s project management system. Iowa Valley has saved a substantial amount of money by developing these applications in house that would have cost thousands to purchase elsewhere. In addition to the responsibilities above, Travis serves as a member of the Computer/Networking Program Advisory Board, the MCC Phone App Committee, and he volunteers as an instructor for the summer STEM camp, teaching technical skills to young people and encouraging them to enroll in technical programs.”

Growth Award to Mandy Brown, IVCCD Database Administrator. The nomination read, in part, “The recipient of IVCCD’s Growth Award has created literally hundreds of reports over the years to simplify processes, reduce the manual workload for many staff, and increase productivity. She is quoted by her nominator as being “a powerhouse of knowledge, innovation, and motivation…and in all my years of working with her, I’ve yet to see her back down from a challenge.” She strives to help everyone work more efficiently, and if there’s a process or report she can create to facilitate that process, she’ll jump at the chance to do so. Examples of projects she has implemented in collaboration with others include the Electronic Content Management System which provides advisors and other staff the ability to view online all students’ documents from admissions to graduation; improving the Advising Worksheet, which impacted the efficiency of academic advising, degree audits, and degree conferrals; and implementation of J1 Advising to assist students and advisors in streamlining academic planning. In addition, Mandy has chaired the Marshalltown Safety Committee, MCC Graduation Committee and the Districtwide Curriculum Committee. She helps IVCCD’s continued growth by her vision, asking questions and creating something we never knew we needed before.

Quality Award to Michele Frost, IVCCD Marketing Coordinator. The nomination read, in part, “The recipient of IVCCD’s Quality Award consistently displays a commitment and dedication to the District by always going the extra mile. She regularly volunteers to assist co-workers on their projects and has learned to cover literally every position in her department over the years. She serves on the Employee Recognition Committee, MCC Commencement Committee, and MCC Emerging Hispanic-Serving Institute Planning Committee and was an initial member of the districtwide IIE Administrative Support Services Assessment Committee. In 2019, she transitioned her duties in the Marketing Department to MCC/Grinnell and MCC athletics, and almost immediately “knocked MCC social media efforts out of the park” with data showing unprecedented growth for all MCC social media channels. Michele Frost is focused on continuous quality improvement not only in her work but her own professional development; in FY19 she participated in ISU’s Leadership Institution for a New Century program. Another example of her quality work was winning a national NCMPR Paragon Award for the ECC Athletic Viewbook. Michele’s nominator states, “Michele is a trusted and valued member of the Marketing team who acts with integrity and a demonstrated commitment to the District and their department.

Longevity awards were presented for years of service to the District. Honorees included the following:

25-Year and 30-Year Longevity Awards

25-year employee Jacque Goodman and 30-year employee Hashem Hashemi-Toroghi.

30-Year Award – Hashem Hashemi-Toroghi, MCC Economics Faculty.

25-Year Award – Jacque Goodman, Vice Chancellor of Continuing Education & Training.

20-Year Longevity Awards

20-year employees (front row) Kathy Pink, Jan Seim and Ken Bell; (middle row) Kevin Benzing, Scott Kauzlarich and Troy Muilenburg; and (back row) Tim Castle and Ed Geitz.

20-Year Awards – Ken Bell, ECC Business/Computer Science Faculty; Kevin Benzing, MCC Physical Education Faculty; Tim Castle, MCC Art Faculty; Ed Geitz, ECC Education Faculty; Scott Kauzlarich, ECC History Faculty; Troy Muilenburg, ECC Wellness Coordinator & Head Men’s Basketball Coach; Kathy Pink, IVCCD Vice Chancellor of Finance/CFO; and Jan Seim, MCC Assistant Registrar.

15-Year Longevity Awards

15-year employees (front row) Mike Rottink, Carolyn Briggs and Cindy Schulte and (back row) Kevin Butt, Kathy Siebring, Michele Frost and Jason Poock.

15-Year Awards – Carolyn Briggs, MCC English Faculty; Kevin Butt, ECC Agriculture Faculty; Michele Frost, IVCCD Marketing Coordinator; Jason Poock, MCC Chemistry Faculty; Mike Rottink, ECC English Faculty; Cindy Schulte, IVCCD Director of Governmental Affairs; and Kathy Siebring, IVCE Education Success Coach.

10 Year Longevity Awards

10-year employees Mary Means and Lynn Duit.

10-Year Awards – Lynn Duit, IVCCD Human Resources & Payroll Coordinator, and Mary Means, MCC Welding Faculty.

5 Year Longevity Awards

5-year employees (front row) Amy Niedermann, Megan Larson, Arcelia Gonzalez de Marquez, Molly Hippen and Ricarda Drummer; (middle row) Bobby Elam, Kristie Nevenhoven and Roger Lugo-Baptista; and (back row) Corey Nevenhoven, Dana Merritt and Jose Amaya. Amanda Bloomquist and Jennifer Rice are not pictured.

5-Year Awards – Jose Amaya, MCC English Faculty; Amanda Bloomquist, IVCCD Director of Business Services; Ricarda Drummer, IVCE Tama Adult Literacy Instructor; Bobby Elam, MCC Math Faculty; Arcelia Gonzalez de Marquez, MCC Custodian; Molly Hippen, ECC TRIO Director; Megan Larson, MCC Registrar’s Office Associate; Roger Lugo-Baptista, ECC Coordinator of International & Multicultural Connections; Dana Merritt, ECC Equine Facility/Event Coordinator; Corey Nevenhoven, ECC Plant Services Technician; Kristie Nevenhoven, ECC Foundation Office Assistant & Manager of Pat Clark Collection; Amy Niedermann, MCC Evaluation & Program Effectiveness Office Associate; and Jennifer Rice, IVCE Pathway Navigator.

The IVCCD mission statement affirms that the institution is committed to providing quality learning experiences, ensuring student success, responding to diverse community needs, and building community partnerships. It is the staff that fulfills this mission through their daily efforts and dedication. The individuals honored for outstanding service and the employees celebrating an employment anniversary milestone were honored and thanked for their efforts on behalf of Iowa Valley and its students.

IVCCD New Employees

IVCCD New Employees

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