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Winterfest concert is Jan. 25 at Orpheum Theater

The Orpheum Theater Center will feature two bands in one night of great progressive rock music during its fourth annual Winterfest concert on Saturday, Jan. 25. The popular SIRES and Halfloves will perform in the Orpheum’s Black Box Theater from 7 to 9:30 pm.

SIRES has a great range of sounds,” says Orpheum Director Bob Untiedt. “It is a refreshing reminder that rock n’ roll can be both brash and heartbreakingly seductive. SIRES’ soulful croon is deeply rooted in the pre-70s American songbook, while still somehow managing to blend modern Indie Rock in with the music feeling very direct and immediate. SIRES may show its appreciation for bygone eras, but this band is definitely writing songs for this very moment.”

According to Buzzfeed, “Cedar Falls-based Dylan Sires and his band harken back to the days of 50’s love songs, 60’s harmony laden tracks, and 80’s power pop. All with a modern flair a la Vampire Weekend. With feel good melodies and a dynamic live show, they’re certainly a group you should consider adding to your music library.”

Hailed as “the best currently active rock band in Iowa” by the Iowa Informer, indie rock outfit Halfloves offers a variety of songs on its self-titled debut album made with renowned producer Brandon Darner (Imagine Dragons, The Envy Corps). Halfloves mixes pop sensibilities with heady textures and space to create an emotionally charged sound.  The band has crafted dark moody pop (most recently) with help from trendy Iowa producer Brandon Darner (Imagine Dragons, Holy White Hounds).

The newest Halfloves album has its roots in The Olympics, but with the firm hand of Darner the band has much more confidence and polish. A focus on melancholy keyboards and bass guitar gives the album a vibe reminiscent of the post-punk “New Romantic” New Wave sound of bands like Talk Talk and Roxy Music and, more recently Phoenix, Franz Ferdinand and The Killers (before Brandon Flowers decided to be Bruce Springsteen).

Winterfest tickets are $12.50 and will be available for purchase at the door on Jan. 25. To be assured that you have a seat, call the Orpheum ahead of time and reserve tickets in your name, then pick up the tickets and pay when you arrive.

For more information, call the Orpheum at (641) 844-5921 or visit the website at The Orpheum Theater Center is administered by Iowa Valley Community College District.

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