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Orpheum Theater

Marshall County and the Iowa Courts have entered into an agreement with Iowa Valley Community College to use the Orpheum Theater for overflow court proceedings. The agreement will begin July 22 and run through December 2021. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, all events to be held at the Orpheum had been rescheduled, relocated, or canceled through December 2021.

The historic Orpheum Theater, located at 220 E. Main St., Marshalltown, Iowa, is owned and operated by Iowa Valley Community College District.

Want to rent a room or tour the facility? Grab a snack and a great cup of coffee? You can do it all at the Orpheum Theater … the epitome of community!

To order tickets, please call 641-844-5921 and provide your name and the number of tickets desired. We’ll have the tickets for you at the booth just inside the front entrance of the Orpheum. Please arrive 30-45 minutes prior to the concert to pick up reserved tickets. Thanks for joining us!

A NOTE FROM THE ORPHEUM DIRECTOR – While movies and music are the core of our programming at the Orpheum, we also want to do community-directed activities. Examples include:

  • a monthly Poetry group that meets the fourth Thursday of each month (no charge)
  • Wine & Beer Tasting groups
  • Special interest groups, including an Anime group and a group that played UNO
  • The Jean Seberg Festival for the Arts

If you have a cultural interest that you’d like to see sustained at the Orpheum, call 641-844-5921, and we’ll set up a time to talk!

The Orpheum Theater is located at 220 E. Main Street in Marshalltown, Iowa. The Orpheum is owned and operated by Iowa Valley Community College District. For upcoming movies, call the Movie Line at 641-844-5907.

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