Self-Service Password Reset/Account Recovery

Self-Service Password Reset/Account Recovery 

Note: Your account must already be set up for self-service – see the IVCCD Microsoft MFA & SSPR Enrollment Guide


Note: For both the password reset and the account recovery process, you must use two contact methods to verify your identity

Note: The reset process can be used to change your password and/or to reset your password when you have forgotten it

In your web browser open the following link:

Click the Enter Password Reset Site link

Enter your Iowa Valley email address (example:

Enter the characters displayed in the security captcha

Click Next

Select I forgot my password

Click Next

Select one of the available contact methods

In this example the Authenticator App method is used

Click Send Notification

Within the Microsoft Authenticator App on your Smartphone, click the Approve button

Select a second contact method from the available options

In this example the Text my Mobile Phone method is used

Enter your full mobile number

Click Text