COVID-19 Update

Check for additional updates regarding IVCCD’s responses to COVID-19.

Our campuses are open to select students and employees only. Online classes are going smoothly; lab classes and events remain canceled until mid-April. Students can access services and staff through email. Our switchboards are accepting calls, but most staff are not on campus at this time.

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Institutions of higher learning must fulfill the requirements of various federal, state and local laws, regulations and policies. IVCCD’s comprehensive Compliance Program has been developed and applied to administrators, faculty, staff, and students to effectively and efficiently address compliance mandates. The information on this website provides general campus guidance for administrators, faculty, staff, students, and stakeholders. The IVCCD Compliance Program:

  • Aligns with IVCCD Strategic Plan Objective 4, Strengthen IVCCD’s Long-Range Sustainability, and Strategy 4.6, Develop a process to address compliance mandates.
  • Develops and effectively communicates policies and procedures to monitor compliance.
  • Implements procedures to monitor compliance with federal and state mandates.
  • Provides ongoing oversight and accountability for the management of IVCCD’s compliance with federal and state regulations.

IVCCD Compliance Program structure

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Compliance Committee Chair

Cindy Schulte

Cindy Schulte