Iowa Valley Celebrates #CCMonth: Highlighting the Value of Community Colleges

Iowa Valley Community College District (IVCCD) is proud to announce its participation in #CCMonth, a national initiative led by the Association of Community College Trustees (ACCT). This month-long campaign focuses on raising awareness of the economic, academic, and social equity benefits of attending community colleges.

“The past year has undeniably underscored the critical role that Iowa Valley and its colleges play within our community and state,” stated Dr. Anne Howsare Boyens, President of IVCCD. “#CCMonth offers a valuable opportunity to celebrate the significant impact we deliver and showcase our commitment to cultivating future-focused skills for our students.”

Community colleges represent a uniquely American educational model designed to ensure access to affordable, high-quality higher education for all. They serve as the primary educators for vital healthcare professionals, including nurses, while simultaneously functioning as a launchpad for students pursuing bachelor’s, master’s, and advanced degrees, particularly for those from diverse backgrounds. Notably, community colleges guarantee fair admissions and provide support systems for adult learners balancing work and family commitments. In essence, these institutions were established to serve the specific needs of their communities, and they consistently excel in this mission.

Despite some lingering misconceptions, research from New America’s annual Varying Degrees study, among others, reveals that the American public holds community colleges in high regard. A majority view them as institutions offering the most value for the cost of attendance, deserving of public funding, and demonstrating efficient resource management.

Furthermore, the survey indicates a widespread belief that community colleges are underfunded. The public overwhelmingly supports increased access to career-related support (88%), financial aid (87%), and academic support (85%). Additionally, there’s strong support for expanded college and university services such as housing (82%), food assistance (76%), and on-campus childcare (70%). These are precisely the services that community colleges across the nation strive to provide to ensure the success of even the most disadvantaged students.

“The new and ever-evolving economy prioritizes skills,” said ACCT President and CEO Jee Hang Lee. “Community colleges nationwide have a longstanding tradition of providing practical education and in-demand skills, empowering students to excel in a competitive job market. We offer opportunities and support to all students, regardless of their educational goals – whether they seek an associate degree or certificate, plan to transfer for a bachelor’s degree, or simply desire to acquire new skills or broaden their knowledge base.”