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Student Success Tips

Time Management

The following resources provide information on developing and improving time management skills. Your advisor can assist your development of these skills. If you would like assistance incorporating any of these materials into your daily routine, please see your advisor or a tutor in the Hub.

Managing your time allows you to accomplish everything you need to get done. Dedicating time to each area of your life can lead to greater fulfillment and satisfaction. We recommend creating a weekly, monthly, and/or semester-long schedule to be successful and organized.

Study Skills

Students committed to learning will find many possible paths to success. No path is error-free, but the path best for you may not look like the same path as another student. For this reason, students should continuously assess their academic progress in courses and adjust their academic strategies accordingly.

While there is no magic formula, the following suggestions may improve your ability to succeed in and increase your retention of knowledge


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