12 Apps for College Students

Apps for college students

There are apps to do just about anything anymore. Need some food? Place an order on GrubHub. Need to pay back your roommate for helping you pay for books? Just use Venmo.

Apps to help with college? Is there an app for that?! Of course there is, there is an app for everything. Here are the top 12 apps that we recommend helping you succeed in college.


One of the great things about going to college is the diverse people you will meet. Along with meeting people from other countries and cultures you may run into a language barrier when working with instructors or classmates on group projects. DuoLingo’s free app takes all the benefits of Rosetta Stone and puts it in an easy-to-use app. Help communicate with all of the new people you meet!


Using note cards may be your favorite method to study but they are also easy to lose and with several different classes, may be hard to keep separated. Cram is a great solution as this app will allow you to create custom flashcard decks. You may even be able to find flashcards that have already been created on the topic you are studying!


Notability is a great tool to help you create, organize and share digital documents. It also allows you to take notes, draw sketches, annotate PDFs, and record audio.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Don’t add another heavy book to your backpack, conveniently carry your dictionary on your phone. When you are ready for class or need help finding that right word, just take out your phone and look it up. It’s also a great way to improve your vocabulary.

Staying Organized

There are a lot of great apps to help you keep everything in your busy life organized. This will help you not only with college but other aspects too. Three great apps to try are:

  • TrelloThis app is awesome for project management and group work. Try this tool to help you organize and manage different tasks that come up in a project, with visual interaction for increased accountability.
  • WunderlistKeep track of your life in the palm of your hand. Track every assignment, deadline, appointment (or whatever) and set reminders.
  • SunriseSunrise is an app but also has a webpage too ( This is an easy-to-use calendar. Sync it with your email account and input dates from emails or texts with a push of a button.

No matter which organization app you choose, pick the one that fits you and your lifestyle the best. They are all great life savers!


Stay focused on your schoolwork with SelfControl. If you are a procrastinator, or someone who is easily distracted, this is exactly what you need. This app actually works best on a laptop as it restricts your access to distracting. This means you can study, write papers, or do your research work without any temptations from outside websites. Just take a timeout from other distractions.

Balance Studying and Relaxing

To be successful in college it’s also important to take a mental break. Here are some great apps to get you out of your seat and moving on a study break.

  • SworkitIf you want to avoid the cost of a gym membership but stay in shape, this is a great app to show you different work outs outside of the gym.
  • Nike Training Club – This is another app that offers equipment-less exercises and timed circuits that you can do right in your dorm room, no gym required.

Make sure you stay balanced with “me” time and getting your schoolwork done. To keep variety in your workouts it’s a great idea to even have a couple of apps.


Strengthen your writing and communication skills. Grammarly is easy to navigate and helps you identify repetitive language, spelling mistakes, punctuation, and more. It even suggests replacements for you to use.

Mango Languages

Learn over 70 languages thanks to Mango Languages. Students can set up an account on a desktop/laptop and then access it on their phones or tablets. Students/faculty need to access it through the library page (Click Here).

Most apps are free and are can be great resources to help you succeed at Ellsworth Community College and Marshalltown Community College as you continue your education! Take advantage of these free resources!