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Institutional Effectiveness & Performance Excellence

Iowa Valley Community College District has adopted an integrated institutional effectiveness process for measuring and documenting how well the District is achieving its mission and addressing its strategic plan for the purpose of continuous improvement of student learning, student development, and administrative unit operations.  Grounded in the IVCCD Performance Excellence Model (see graphic below), assessment of student learning and systematic review is critical for institutional planning, resource allocation and continuous quality improvement.

Iowa Valley’s Integrated Institutional Effectiveness (IIE) process is monitored by the IIE Steering Committee and carried out by the work of three sub-committees.  The purpose of the IIE Steering Committee it two-fold: 1) to create and sustain an environment that supports a culture of continuous quality improvement, and 2) to facilitate a systematic and repeatable process of assessment to support IVCCD’s mission and strategic agenda.

The IIE Charter (governance document) outlines the guiding principles, goals and meeting expectations for the IIE Steering Committee.

IIE Subcommittees

Three subcommittees are responsible for the development of assessment plans, employee training, and reporting processes. Subcommittee membership consists of faculty, staff and administrators.

  • Administrative Support Services Evaluation– The purpose of this subcommittee is to develop, deploy, evaluate and continually monitor the evaluation process for administrative operational areas and educational support services.
  • Assessment of Student Learning (Credit & Non-Credit) – The purposes of this subcommittee are to develop a framework to effectively assess academic programs and curricula to ensure alignment with  IVCCD’s Mission, Vision and Core Values and to develop practical, sustainable and systematic planning and reporting processes for student learning assessment.
  • Workforce Performance Management – The purpose of this subcommittee is to develop, deploy and continually monitor a performance management system in alignment with the mission and strategic agenda of the District.

IVCCD Performance Excellence Model

IVCCD Performance Excellence Model


IVCCD Chancellor

Christopher Duree

Christopher Duree

IIE Steering Committee:

Robin Anctil, Honoria Balogh, Lisa Breja, Kevin Butt, Chris Duree, Jacque Goodman, Brenda Heitmeyer, Barb Jennings, Patrick Kennedy, Robin Lilienthal, Mark Monroe, Mike Mosher, MaryAnne Nickle, Kathy Pink, Martin Reimer, Cindy Schulte, Marie Sheneman, Colleen Springer, and Jim Wilson.