5 Skills to Master Before Graduation

4.15.21 5 Skills to Master Before Graduation

Graduation day is fast approaching. You have put a ton of time on your studies and you should celebrate your success. There are five skills outside of the classrooms and books that you should take away and will help you succeed.

Time is everything

You showed up for class on time. You got your assignments in when they were due. You figured out how to study and juggle all of the other things going on in your life. Did it come naturally? Maybe. Did you get it done? Yes. It may not seem like that is a skill as you just became used to it but this is something that will help you once you get out of the classroom. Your employer won’t accept when you are late or excuses like…my dog ate my homework. Time management is a skill that you will use in your work and everyday life.

Creating relationships

As you walked into your first class or even your eighth or ninth class, there were new faces that you didn’t know. By the end of the class you probably had at least a couple of new friends and got to know your professors. Creating relationships is a great skill to have. You can use this outside of school in your workplace and also in your daily relationships. Hopefully coming out of college has given you more confidence in creating friendships.


You’ve made the relationships and now taken a step further you have worked on group projects or had lab partners in a science lab. Being able to collaborate with different personalities, age groups, ethnicities is a great skill to have. Employers are looking for individuals that can adapt and interact with anyone.


During high school you probably had your parents helping you stay on track with school work, wake you up in the morning, cook you breakfast and buy all of the things you need. Now that you are getting ready to graduate it’s time to check your independence. You can now get up and to class on time. Your homework is complete and you don’t have to have your parents tell you to had it in. Your time in college has prepared you to be on your own and be confident in doing so!

Ask for advice and use it

Seeking assistance when you have a question or are stuck doesn’t mean you aren’t independent. Don’t be afraid to look to others that have been through the things you are going through. In a new position at work? It’s okay to ask those around you that have been there how things work or how your employer wants things done. Take advantage of those that have been through what you are doing.

Now that you have asked…take the feedback they provide. Even if you don’t agree with everything they are saying or doing there are parts that may work for your situation. Use what others have learned and grow.

Graduation is a big milestone. Enjoy your accomplishments and take what you have learned during your time in college and use it to your advantage.