Are Internships Really That Important? (By a College Intern)  


You hear your parents and professors talk about how internships are “so important” but want to know if they are ACTUALLY important, and what could make giving up some of your free time worthwhile? As an MCC student and an Iowa Valley Marketing intern, I’m here to share my experience and insight to help you out… 

Real-World Application 

Picture this: you’re hitting the books, studying like a champ, AND gaining hands-on experience at the same time. How cool is that? Work-study is all about putting your classroom knowledge to the test in the real world. Whether you’re rocking it with marketing campaigns, geeking out in a physics lab, or collecting data in agriculture science, you’re diving headfirst into practical experiences that take your understanding to a whole new level. The best part? ECC and MCC have a ton of work-study opportunities in different fields. It’s like an adventure where you get to explore, develop skills, and pave the way for your future professional endeavors. 

Professional Networking  

Networking has been a game-changer in my academic journey, and internships have played a crucial role in expanding my professional connections. Throughout my internship, I met with industry experts, supervisors, and colleagues who became mentors and guides. Having guidance and support helped pave the way for potential job opportunities, transfer options and provided me with insightful career advice. Networking and fostering connections with the community can lead to so many opportunities. I even networked with my professors to land my current marketing internship!  

Skill Development and Growth 

My internship has provided a wealth of personal and professional growth for me. Immersing myself in a real work environment allowed me to develop and refine essential skills that employers highly value, such as communication, problem-solving, and critical thinking. I have friends who worked in departments like computer science and chemistry who are now on their way to achieving more because of what they learned during their internships. Experience gained during my internship not only enhances my resume but also empowers me with the confidence and capabilities to excel in my chosen career. It’s an experience that goes beyond classroom learning, allowing me to step into the real world, face challenges head-on, and discover my true potential.   

Mentorship and Guidance 

At Iowa Valley, they’ve got you covered when it comes to guidance. They’re all about providing top-notch support throughout your academic experience. You won’t just be gaining hands-on experience; you’ll also have mentors cheering you on and offering their wisdom. These professionals are genuinely invested in your success and can give you valuable insights, advice, and feedback. They’ll help you navigate any challenges, set goals that matter, and make informed decisions about your career. Don’t forget about the awesome faculty and staff who are there with you every step of the way. They’re dedicated to making sure you make the most of your internship experience and come out with a rock-solid foundation for future success. With people who care by your side, you’ve got all the support you need to shine during your work experience. 

Yes, They Really are That Important  

Internships really are a big part of your college experience. And you know what? Both Marshalltown Community College and Ellsworth Community College have got your back in a big way. They’re all about your growth, offering opportunities that bring your classroom learning to life. It’s the perfect blend of theory and practice, where you can apply what you’ve learned and sharpen your skills in a real-world setting.  

Imagine gaining hands-on experience, expanding your professional network, and receiving guidance from mentors who genuinely care about your success. These opportunities are the secret ingredient to your future. You never know, you could be the next student writing these blog posts… APPLY now for work study positions.