Invest in Your Future: Affordable, Industry-Ready Industrial Maintenance at MCC


Are you ready to shape your future in the dynamic world of engineering or industrial maintenance? Look no further than Marshalltown Community College. This blog is your guide to understanding why MCC stands out in offering both affordable and industry-ready programs. Whether you’re looking to master the intricacies of industrial maintenance or seeking a rewarding career in electrical engineering, explore the possibilities that MCC unfolds for your journey ahead.

1) Affordable Excellence in Industrial Maintenance

MCC’s Industrial Maintenance program not only equips you with the necessary skills for the industry but does so at an affordable rate. You can begin a rewarding, high-paying career without the burden of student debt.

The Electro-Mechanical program is a tuition FREE degree program. That means that if you are eligible to study tuition free through the Last-Dollar Scholarship, you could finish your college education debt free! Imagine embarking on your college adventure without the weight of tuition fees dragging you down.

2) Beyond Books

Imagine using the very equipment you encounter daily, even after you’ve earned your degree. Your time at MCC, is about gaining tangible skills that you will use in the field, from hydraulics, pneumatics, electricity, electronics, smart factory, and manufacturing processes. The concepts you learn are applicable in almost every manufacturing environment. Every lesson is a step closer to conquering the real-world challenges of your future career!

3) Elevate Your learning Experience

Students won’t simply learn routine maintenance, but also how to diagnose and troubleshoot, learning problem-solving skills that will be applicable in the field. Downtime caused by equipment problems can cost a company thousands of dollars per minute. For this reason, industrial maintenance technicians and operators must thoroughly understand the machines and components in his or her area and be able to act quickly as failures arise. MCC’s lab allows students to learn these skills effectively.

4) Dynamic Diploma and Degree Choices

At MCC, we empower you with the flexibility to choose the path that perfectly aligns with your ambitions. Earn your degree or diploma and move out of the classroom and into the field quickly to start earning money. Choose from a 1-year Electrical Maintenance Mechanic Diploma or a 1-year Industrial Maintenance Mechanic Diploma. These pathways serve as your launchpad into the thrilling realm of industrial maintenance, offering a quick start to your career.

But why stop there? Picture yourself joining the fast-paced industry by opting for our 2-year Electro-Mechanical Systems Technologist AAS Degree. The choice is yours, and at MCC, we don’t just offer options; we present you with opportunities to chart a course that leads to your success. Let MCC be your partner in crafting a future that suits your ambitions.

5) Diploma to Career Triumph

Graduates of the Industrial Maintenance program can find a rewarding career going straight from the classroom into a rewarding career.

With an electro-mechanical degree, individuals can pursue rewarding careers in various fields that involve the upkeep, repair, and optimization of industrial machinery and systems. One prominent career option is that of an Industrial Maintenance Technician. These professionals play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation of manufacturing facilities by inspecting equipment, performing preventive maintenance, and troubleshooting issues to minimize downtime. They may work with a range of machinery, including conveyor systems, robotics, and production lines. Industrial Maintenance Technicians often collaborate with engineers to implement improvements and upgrades, contributing to the overall efficiency and reliability of industrial processes.

Another potential career path is that of a Maintenance Supervisor or Manager. Individuals with an electro-mechanical degree can advance to supervisory or managerial roles, overseeing maintenance teams and coordinating the maintenance activities within a facility. They are responsible for scheduling maintenance tasks, managing budgets, and implementing safety protocols. Additionally, Maintenance Supervisors or Managers may work closely with other departments to optimize equipment performance and contribute to the overall success of the organization by ensuring that production processes are running efficiently and effectively.

Your Future, Your Investment

As you contemplate investing in your future, consider the affordable and industry-ready paths that MCC provides in industrial maintenance and electrical engineering. Your journey to a fulfilling and successful career begins here, where excellence meets affordability.