Ask the Employer: What Skills Are In-Demand Right Now?

07.08.20Ask the Employer- What skills are in-demand right now

Do you feel like you’re stuck in a rut with your current career? Are you looking to change career paths entirely? If you are looking to boost your earning potential in your current job or change directions, learning a few new skills may help. Picking up new skills will signal to your employer that you are open to growth opportunities and are adaptable to change. And, in today’s job climate, there are some skills that employers seek again and again. Learning these skills is a safe bet:

Basic Technology Skills

No matter if you plan to work in an office or on the factory floor, the ability to navigate basic computer programs is a necessary skill. Whether you are a number cruncher that needs to understand Excel, you need to understand the basics of web design for your small business, you are in material handling on the shop floor and you need to update the PLC, or you work in automotive and need to diagnose a computer error on today’s cars, computer skills are vital to almost every aspect of the business. Understanding the basics of technology and how to leverage new technologies is a skill employers need right now.

Problem-Solving Ability

Do you have the ability to look at a problem and find solutions? Analytical thinking and problem-solving skills are valuable to employers. People with a Six Sigma designation have proven that they follow a problem-solving methodology, and are always on the lookout for solutions and efficiencies. An employer can have confidence that Six Sigma belt-earners can find a workable, cost-saving solution to the problem at hand.

Project Management Skills

Along the same lines, someone who can take a step back and organize and oversee a project is valuable to any business. They take the time to plan, schedule, budget, and communicate throughout the organization. They will keep everyone on target and will make sure everyone has the tools they need to complete their portion of the project successfully. Project management combines organization, teamwork ability, and communication skills in one position.

Communication Skills

No matter if your job calls on you to speak, write, or share information, communication ability is always in demand. The best communicators are able to provide a solid, consistent message to their target audience. Communication professionals are able to craft and deliver a message that makes an impact. But, you don’t need to be a web designer or public relations professional to utilize communication skills on the job; employers are looking for this on all levels.


Life doesn’t stand still for long – we are always looking for ways to grow and change the way we do business. Someone who is adaptable and able to change course is extremely valuable in the workforce. Whether you are switching projects or roles, being able to fill in where your manager needs you and adapt to the new role is less of a skill and more of an attitude. But, it’s an attitude that not everyone has, and employers need people who are adaptable in their day-to-day lives.


Are you looking to develop new skills to take your career even further? Consider ways that you can develop skills and pave the way for your next career challenge. Iowa Valley can help – whether you are a full-time student, or want to take classes on the side, we can help you gain the skills you need to reach the next level. Check out the course catalogs or upcoming events today!