Exploring the Benefits of Pharmacy Technician Courses


Pharmacy Closures Affecting Iowa Communities 

Recent research conducted by Drake University has uncovered a significant reduction in the number of pharmacies across the state, impacting both rural and urban areas. Residents, particularly those in rural Iowa, are grappling with the consequences of these closures, including longer drives to access essential medications and healthcare services. This trend could be exacerbated further if payment reforms are not implemented. 

Iowa Valley Pharmacy Tech Program: Bridging the Gap 

The threat of pharmacy closures is real – many communities are faced with reduced access to healthcare brought on by a shortage of pharmacists. Hiring a qualified Pharmacy Technician will often fill that gap and allow rural pharmacies to remain open.  

Our Pharmacy Tech program is designed to prepare students to become skilled and certified pharmacy technicians, ensuring they are equipped to serve in local pharmacies and healthcare facilities. 

Why Choose Our Pharmacy Tech Program? 

  • Accessible Education: Our program is tailored to the community, offering accessible and affordable education options. 
  • In-Demand Career: Graduates of the program are highly sought after, providing stable and rewarding employment in an essential healthcare field. 
  • Hands-On Training: Students gain practical experience, including compounding and medication preparation, ensuring they are job-ready upon graduation. 
  • Supportive Faculty: Our experienced instructors are dedicated to helping students succeed and prepare for pharmacy technician certification. 

Act Now to Address Pharmacy Shortages 

To counter the potential impact of further pharmacy closures in Iowa, we urge aspiring Pharmacy Technicians and concerned community members to take action. Enrolling in our Pharmacy Tech program can make a significant difference in addressing the healthcare needs of our communities. BCS is offering a Pharmacy Technician class in Marshalltown beginning January 11. Additionally, a Pharmacy Technician Expanded Certificate class will commence on March 4 in Iowa Falls. 

Get in Touch 

For more information about the Iowa Valley Pharmacy Tech program, please contact us at (641) 752-4645 or via email at Visit our website at to learn more about program offerings and how to enroll.