Campus Life: How to Stay Safe After Dark

07.28.20 Campus Life- How to Stay Safe After Dark

When you step on campus in the fall, your safety is a priority for Iowa Valley. And we can boast some of the safest campuses anywhere in the U.S. The reason for that? Campus safety is a conversation we have at all levels, from housing and campus life to parents and students. Providing a safe learning environment is, quite simply, everyone’s responsibility.

So, what can you do to stay safe while on campus? Follow a few basic guidelines to improve your chances of having a safe college experience.

Be Alert

You’ve heard it time and time again, but being aware of your surroundings is a great way to stay safe on campus. Whether you are walking to your car, walking to your dorms, or simply traveling across campus after dark, be alert. Stay on a well-lit path, and keep your phone in your hand.

Lock Up

All of our dorms, suites, and on-campus apartments require a key to get in the outside doors. But, how many times do students order pizza and prop the outside doors open so the delivery driver can get in? When you see an outside door unlocked or propped open, be sure to close them securely after you have entered.

Know Your Community

Get to know the other people in your dorm or pod. If you know the people you live with, you will know who to expect in the hallways. Keep an eye out for strangers, and/or unfamiliar people wandering through the halls. If someone appears threatening, contact your Residence Advisor (RA) or campus security immediately.

Keep Keys Handy

Your dorm room or apartment should be locked at all times. Don’t let fumbling for your keys delay you from getting into your dorm or apartment. Have your keys handy at all times as you walk across campus.

Maintain Your Privacy

Social media is a great tool and can help you get to know your new friends. But, be careful about the information you share online. It’s easy for people to see that you are away from your dorm when you check in to certain activities. Be careful about the amount of personal information you share, and how public/private your profiles are.

Avoid ID Theft

Identity theft happens on college campuses all the time. When you are living with 1-3 other people in close quarters, it’s easy for private information to get out. Don’t bring things like social security cards to campus with you, keep your driver’s license in your purse or wallet, and don’t leave your laptop open without password-protecting the information you have stored. If you carry your parent’s insurance information, keep cards in your wallet or tucked away in your dorm room in a secure location.

Use the Buddy System

When you go out for a night on the town, take a friend with you. You can watch out for one another. Never leave drinks unattended when you are off-campus.

Iowa Valley makes your safety our priority. Stay alert and stay safe. And if you see something unusual or out of the ordinary, say something. Your RA and campus security officers are there to make sure you have a safe environment at all times.