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COVID-19 Employee Information

Is a COVID-19 vaccination required for employees?

No, however, we strongly recommend employees get vaccinated. COVID-19 vaccinated employees will NOT be subject to isolation/quarantine protocols if exposed to a COVID-positive individual if they are asymptomatic.

What guidance on vaccines is Iowa Valley Community College District following?

IVCCD is following guidance provided by the Centers for Disease Control and the Iowa Department of Public Health.  While vaccinations are not mandatory, immunization is a crucial step in reducing COVID-19 related illnesses, hospitalizations and death, and hastening a return to pre-pandemic conditions on campus and in our community.

Will masks be required?

The College relies on CDC and Public Health guidelines to inform protocols.  As of July 27, 2021, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is recommending that fully vaccinated people wear masks indoors if they are in locations with high or substantial COVID-19 transmission rates.  Masks may be required in designated areas or at certain events on campus.

Will there be required COVID testing?

Testing is not required if an employee becomes symptomatic or has an exposure. Depending on your vaccination status, you may be able to reduce your quarantine period.

Will there be vaccine clinics on campus for students to get a vaccine? 

Yes, IVCCD will be partnering with the Iowa Department of Public Health to offer vaccine clinics on campus for any enrolled student or employee.  Dates and times will be announced through email, website, and social media.

What should I do if I am experiencing COVID-19 symptoms?

Stay home and limit contact with others.  Contact and follow your local healthcare provider’s guidelines.  Complete the Employee Reporting Form on our website and notify your supervisor.

What happens if an employee tests positive while on campus?

Any student or employee who becomes symptomatic or tests positive for COVID-19 must isolate.  Complete the Employee Reporting Form on our website and notify your supervisor.

What happens if there is a COVID outbreak during the semester?

The district is prepared to make adjustments to the work environment with short notice. Decisions on adjusted protocols will be communicated if needed.


If you are interested, the Iowa Department of Health and the Center for Disease Control both are excellent resources available online.

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