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COVID-19 Employee Information

What if I already had a positive COVID test?

If you are experiencing any symptoms per the CDC – stay home; contact your healthcare provider.  If you test for COVID, you will be required to quarantine.  See guidelines. If you have a positive antibody test, you may be able to return to campus sooner. Contact HR to find out more.

What if I get a vaccine, do I still have to wear a mask?

For fully vaccinated individuals, masks are optional. We are following CDC guidance. Please refer to the CDC guidance issued on May 13, 2021 for additional information.

What steps are being taken to clean college facilities?

In addition to our standard cleaning practices, we have added the following preventative measures: implementation of extra measures to clean and disinfect surfaces in public areas that are touched frequently including door handles and light switches; reducing access to buildings and/or rooms not in use to focus cleaning efforts on high traffic areas and using IDPH and CDC guidelines for cleaning products to kill the COVID-19 virus. If you are in your office, please switch the sign by your door to “Please Clean Room.”

Who do I contact if I or a family member contracts COVID-19?

How will I know if I have been identified as a close contact on campus (15 minutes of exposure closer than six feet) by a person who tests positive?

If you have been identified as a close contact by a person who tests positive (15 cumulative minutes of exposure closer than six feet) you will be contacted directly by Human Resources, who will contact you to inform of an exposure and the appropriate next steps.

What if I think I might have had close contact (15 cumulative minutes of exposure closer than six feet) with someone who tested positive contact?

If you believe you may have had close contact (15 cumulative minutes of exposure closer than six feet) with someone who tested positive contact your health care provider or visit Also, contact the appropriate college personnel via phone or email;

  • Athletes contact the appropriate coach
  • Housing students contact housing staff
  • Students who are not athletes or do not live on campus contact Dean of Students
  • Complete the Student Self Report form
  • Ellsworth COVID19 hotline (641-373-6446) 24 hours/7 days a week
  • MCC COVID19 hotline (insert number) 24 hours/7 days a week
  • Employees contact your immediate supervisor
  • Complete the Employee Self Report form

If the local or state Department of Health needs assistance in identifying or contacting close contacts, the college will collaborate with public health officials.

Can an employee remove their mask in their private office or enclosed work area?

Yes, when we implemented the face-covering policy in April we focused on “travelers” or those who are moving thru or occupying public spaces to reduce the chance of exposure while still allowing those who are seated in a private space to remove their mask. Note, many employees work a full day in an enclosed office where close contacts do not occur with few opportunities to step outside for a break from the mask so the areas were set up to allow for the removal.

Why is the employee behind glass not wearing a mask? Does it mean I can remove mine?

We have created additional private offices by installing plexiglass and other clear barriers in areas where we serve students and the public. These are considered private offices so the employee is allowed to remove their mask when they are seated behind the clear barriers. If you are the traveler (another employee or a student) to the office, you need to continue to wear a mask. Masks are required in all public spaces. Please maintain 6 feet of distance when entering a private office.

Can students remove masks during class if we are socially distanced?

Masks are required in all public areas including socially distanced classrooms.

Can employees who are socially distanced in a room remove their masks for a meeting?

Meetings are encouraged to be held over Zoom or Microsoft Teams. If an in-person meeting must be held, masks should be worn. The group size cannot exceed 15 and a Zoom option must be offered to employees who request it.

What are the travel guidelines during the pandemic?

Until further notice, we will be reducing travel to help reduce possible exposure, the guidelines vary by the type of activity.

Academic and Athletic Travel:

  • Academic Travel – (Example: field trip or something where the faculty member is taking a student off-campus.)  The approval process is through the deans with criteria that have to be met.   
  • Athletic Travel – Athletic Directors will collaborate with each other and with the provosts to work through the logistics and approval of athletic travel.  We will strive for consistency, although some customization by sport may be necessary.

All Travel that is Not Covered by Academic or Athletic Travel Policy:

  • In-State Travel but Out of District  – Allowed only when deemed necessary by the employee and immediate supervisor and approved by the Executive Leadership Team (ELT).  The only reason these will be escalated to the ELT is to understand the type of travel, where employees are going, and to have consistency
  • Out of State Travel – This is not allowed at this time, and no time period has been set as to when that will change.  If an employee feels there is a need for travel outside the state for work, escalate through your ELT member for discussion.  That will also help ELT know when it’s time to change that policy.
  • Personal Travel – There is no restriction on personal travel. Employees are encouraged to pay close attention to any possible symptoms after returning from travel, both in the United States and international travel.

Additional questions can be directed to your supervisor and/or Gena Garber in Human Resources at 641-844-5523.



If you are interested, the Iowa Department of Health and the Center for Disease Control both are excellent resources available online.

Interim Guidance for Administrators of US Institutions of Higher Education

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