Customize Your College Experience: Academic Advising 


Ready for a college experience tailored just for you? As a student, you have the power to shape your future with informed decisions. From day one as a wide-eyed first-year student to the exciting challenges of sophomore year, your academic advisor is your trusted companion, helping you navigate choices that define your path.  

With the support of an academic advisor, your college experience will unfold as a unique story of personal growth and fulfillment. Use this opportunity to get the most out of your education – because this journey is all about YOU. So how do you take advantage of advising?  

What is Academic Advising? 

Academic advising is all about having someone in your corner to help you navigate the ins and outs of your academic journey. It’s like having a personal supporter who’s there to guide and assist you every step of the way. The whole idea is to help you make informed decisions about your studies and future career. Your academic advisor is your go-to person for all things academic, giving you the scoop on courses, programs, and opportunities that align with your goals. They’re there to provide you with the info and resources you need to succeed in school and beyond. 

Why Should I Meet with my Academic Advisor? 

Academic advisors are here to make your college life easier. They know the whole academic system, so they can help you understand what you need for your major and explore different academic opportunities. They’re like your personal experts, with all the knowledge about scholarships and student organizations. Bottom line: they’re on your team, ready to help you achieve your college goals. So don’t hesitate to reach out to them and take advantage of their expertise! 

 Benefits of Academic Advising

  • Assistance in exploring and selecting the right courses and programs that align with your interests and career goals. 
  • Insider knowledge about scholarship opportunities, financial aid, and resources to support your education.
  • Support in setting realistic academic goals and developing a personalized plan for success. 
  • Access to information about internships, research opportunities, and extracurricular activities that can enhance your learning experience. 
  • Help in overcoming academic challenges, such as time management, study skills, and test preparation. 
  • Mentorship and personalized attention from an experienced advisor who can provide advice and guidance throughout your educational journey. 
  • Help in exploring potential career paths, understanding job market trends, and connecting with professional networks. 
  • Advocacy and support during academic or personal difficulties that may impact your performance. 

Make the Most out of Academic Advising  

Want to make the most of academic advising? Be proactive and prepared. Before meeting your advisor, take a moment to reflect on your academic goals and jot down any questions or concerns you have. When it’s time for your appointment, bring along a list of those questions and any relevant things like your degree audit or course schedule. Trust us, this little bit of prep work will keep you on track and make sure you make the most of your time with your advisor. They’ll be super impressed with your readiness, and you’ll leave the meeting feeling confident and ready to conquer your education! 

Prepare for Academic Advising Sessions 

When it comes to academic advising, it’s important to be prepared to maximize your sessions. Here are some tips to help you prepare for your next advising appointment: 

Set Clear Goals 

Before your advising session, take some time to think about what you want to do. Consider your future plans and any questions you may have. This will help you set clear goals for your advising session. Some questions to consider may include: 

  • What courses do I need to take to fulfill my degree requirements? 
  • Am I on track to graduate on time? 
  • What are my options if I’m struggling in a particular class? 
  • What resources are available to help me succeed academically? 

Not a Good Fit? Make a Switch 

If you’re finding it difficult to establish a connection with your advisor or feel like they don’t quite grasp your goals, don’t worry, there’s a solution! You can reach out to the admissions office at MCC or ECC and inquire about the possibility of switching to a new advisor. It’s important to have an advisor whose advising style aligns well with your preferences, so don’t hesitate to take the initiative and seek the support you need.  

Do Your Homework 

To get the most out of your advising session, it’s important to come prepared, so do your homework ahead of time. Research your academic program, degree requirements, and any other relevant information. This will help you ask informed questions and make the most of your time with your advisor. 

Before you head to your advising session, don’t forget to gather all your important documents and materials. Grab your academic transcript, course schedule, or any other relevant paperwork that might be helpful. By doing a little homework and getting prepared, you’ll be able to get the best experience during your advising session and get the personalized guidance you need to rock your academic journey. 

Remember, academic advising is a real game-changer for students. So, take the time to set clear goals and get ready for your session. When you come prepared and show that you’re invested in your education, you’ll receive tailored support that will help you reach new heights in your academic pursuits.  

At Ellsworth Community College and Marshalltown Community College our goals are your goals. Apply today and let our admissions team get you started on your tailored, hands-on educational journey!