Why Hiring ESL Workers Can Move Your Business Forward

8.25.20 Why Hiring ESL Workers can Move Your Business Forward

No one knows for sure what business will look like in the future, but we do know that markets are changing.  As technology and communication continue to improve, it will be increasingly important for businesses to compete in a global marketplace.  One way local employers can achieve global relevancy is through bilingual employees.  Hiring workers who have learned English as a second language (ESL) can help propel your business forward.

Increased Cultural Competency

When looking for employees, it is important to consider your audience today, and if that audience will change in the future.  Do you anticipate selling to or working with other countries or cultures?  If so, having employees on your payroll who are familiar with the country and its laws, culture, and economy will help tremendously.  ESL workers can help you go beyond interpreting and allow you to start communicating with your audience.

Foster a Diverse Environment

Consumers prefer to do business with someone who speaks their own language.  It is necessary for employers to reflect the diversity of their community and market in their workforce.  ESL workers can provide a better customer service experience than counterparts who only speak one language.  Diversity also drives innovation.  People from different backgrounds and with different experiences who collaborate can produce better results.

Better Productivity

Bilinguals are better at multitasking and can more easily switch between tasks.  This along with the ability to process information more quickly and efficiently make bilingual employees work more efficiently and address problems in new and unique ways.  One study even found that bilingual people are better decision-makers.

Resources to Connect

Iowa Valley Community College District recognizes that 15% of our district’s population who speak multiple languages add valuable diversity to the community. IVCCD provides resources for business and job seekers to connect, from ESL classes to financial aid opportunities through GAP and PACE, and career exploration to job counseling.  IowaWorks also collaborates with IVCCD and houses additional resources to help match job seekers with open positions.

Whether you are bilingual and searching for a job or an employer looking to fill a position, there are opportunities to connect and propel our business community forward to compete in the global marketplace.  Contact the staff at Iowa Valley to help you make the right connection.