IoT/Smart Device Registration

Internet of Things/Smart Home Devices Registration Guide

Internet of Things (IoT) devices such as gaming consoles, smart speakers, and streaming devices (Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku) are only allowed on the IVCCD-IoT network. To connect to this network and the internet, you must register your device following the process below.


Using a computer, phone, or tablet already connected to the network, navigate to

Enter your IVCCD email address and password.

Important: This registration process can only be completed while on campus.

If you are not taken directly to the Create Device screen, click on Create Device.

Enter the required information including the device’s MAC address, a device name, and device type.

MAC Address: this can usually be found within the network settings area of the device. Enter the MAC address exactly as it is displayed including all characters (example: 2C:54:91:88:C9:E3)  For more help, find your MAC address here.

Device Name: enter your last name and the name of your device as shown in the example (example: Testerson – Nintendo Switch).

Device Type: select the appropriate device type from the dropdown menu.

Gaming Device: use the Gaming Device type for gaming devices such as a PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo. Using the Gaming Device type for gaming devices will provide a better gaming experience (better online and multi-player compatibility).

Internet of Things: use this type for all other devices including smart speakers and streaming devices.

  • Accept the terms and conditions by clicking on the acceptance box.
  • Click the Create button.

A Device Receipt with the Wi-Fi Password will be displayed.

Navigate to the Network settings of your Gaming/IoT device and connect to the IVCCD-IoT network.

When prompted for a Wi-Fi password, enter the password shown on the Device Receipt.

Note: This Wi-Fi password is associated with the displayed MAC address/device. You CANNOT use this password with other devices.

Note: You do not need to note this password as it will be saved and available in the Manage Devices area. See the next section for accessing the Wi-Fi password for devices already registered.

Using a computer, phone, or table already connected to the network, navigate to

Enter your IVCCD email address and password.