IVCCD Board Report – July 14 Meeting

The Iowa Valley Community College District Board of Directors learned the details of the Better Futures Program, which is a partnership agreement between JBS Swift and Company and the schools of the Iowa Valley Community College District. Per the details of the agreement, JBS will provide an office inside the plant to be used by staff at Marshalltown Community College and Iowa Valley Continuing Education. Staff will use this on-site space to promote and recruit employees and children of employees who will be served by the agreement. Students participating in the program will come to campus for instruction. Students will need to complete the FAFSA but JBS will provide up to $2500 toward tuition, books, and fees.

Update on Bond Projects

The Board approved the bids for both the ECC and MCC fiber optics projects. Both campuses will be refreshing their fiber cable infrastructure. The Board approved bids: Creek Enterprise, Inc. of Tecumseh, Michigan was awarded the bid for the Ellsworth campus and High Tech Communications LLC of Robbins, Iowa was awarded the bid for the project on the Marshalltown campus.

The Board also approved the bid from King Construction, a construction firm out of Iowa Falls, for the Ellsworth Locker Rooms and Activity Center project. This project was originally bid in February, but those bids were rejected by the Board due to high cost.  The scope of this project was then modified to reduce the overall cost of the project and was then rebid with King Construction as the low bidder.

In other matters, the Board also approved the FY21 Annual Payroll Report, the 2021-2022 ECC and MCC College Catalogs and Student Handbooks, a continuation of the lease agreement with Buena Vista University for space on the MCC campus, a nursing services agreement with McFarland Clinic to provide nursing services for ECC students, a transcript services agreement with the National Student Clearinghouse to provide an electronic transcript option for students, a partnership agreement with MBS for ECC bookstore services, an addendum to the lease agreement with Marshall County, Iowa for space at the Orpheum Theater Center, a continuation of the Emergency Services Training agreement with Jami Stupp and Corey Larson, contracts with BCLUW and East Marshall School Districts to provide college-level instruction, continuation of a dining services agreement with Great Western Dining Service, Inc. for dining and meal plan services at MCC, and an Athletic Services Training agreement with McFarland Clinic for services at both ECC and MCC.

The next regular board meeting is scheduled for August 11, 2021, at 4:00 p.m. and will be held via Zoom.