IVCCD Board Report – September 13 Meeting

IVCCD Board Voted to Review Employee Benefits Plan

The Iowa Valley Community College District Board of Directors voted to transition from a grandfathered healthcare plan during the regular meeting on Wednesday. This will shift more of the cost of family health insurance away from the college, so the money can be used for salary compensation work.

In August, Angela Villhauer of Mercer told the board the preferred provider organization (PPO) insurance plan the college has was grandfathered, which means it was purchased before March 23, 2010. When a plan is grandfathered, significant changes, such as to copays, cannot be made. If changes are made, the grandfathered status is lost.

Presidential Search Update

Director Johnson said the college has three viable candidates for Dr. Fisher’s replacement. The Board is scheduled to announce a new president on Sept. 20. Dr. Fisher will begin her new job as president of Kirkwood Community College in October.

Board Approves Furniture Budget for IT Space

The Board approved the $78,348 estimate for furniture for the updated IT space. The IT team will be transitioning from the space they currently occupy in the District Services building to a space in the 700 hallway on the MCC campus.


The next regular board meeting is scheduled for October 11, 2023, at 4:00 p.m. and will be available via Zoom.