Please, Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Community colleges are the state’s greatest asset. They offer a helping hand to students of all ages looking to improve their lives, offer skills training to working professionals looking to enhance their careers, promote economic vitality to business owners through ongoing training, and provide a creative outlet and personal enrichment courses for community members of all ages. Community colleges have the power to transform communities, and Iowa Valley is a testament to that. I am so excited to join this already vibrant District and lead it into the next phase.

President-Anne-Howsare-Boyens My name is Dr. Anne Howsare Boyes, and I have worked in education for the last two decades. Few opportunities have been as intriguing to me as the role of President of this exceptional institution. While we are well positioned, we will work together to build an even brighter future.

I have three main goals for the first year:

  1. Strengthening Community Relations: It’s important that our colleges have a strong relationship with our communities. I will work hard to build partnerships with local businesses, organizations, and government. By collaborating, we can make sure our colleges meet the needs of our communities. Through communication and shared vision, we will make our society better.
  2. Improving Access and Retainment: We want to serve more students and community members to improve their trajectory for success. I plan to implement programs to attract prospective students and ensure students are successful in their goals. We will work on engaging students and promoting our programs in local high schools and businesses, offering more support services where possible. We want to make sure that all students and community members feel welcome and supported when they come to our colleges.
  3. Reaching Out to Diverse Students: Diversity has always been close to my heart, and I want to ensure our colleges reflect our communities. By creating and supporting programs to reach out to all of our communities we can ensure that all students are well served in the Iowa Valley Community College District. All will feel included and valued. Through scholarships and support services, our students will have success reaching their goals. Everyone, regardless of educational and cultural background, should have the opportunity to get a college education.

In the coming years, you will see a lot of my family and me. We will be involved in campus events, community gatherings, and local meetings. I am excited to hear your stories and ideas. Together, we will build partnerships that promote lifelong learning and make our community better.

I am dedicated to the success of Iowa Valley Community College District. Our college is a place where dreams come true, and futures are built. I am proud to be the next President, and I am excited for what lies ahead. Together, we will embrace change, celebrate diversity, and create a better future for all.