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Admissions Partnership Program

Each year 4,500+ students transfer from Iowa’s community colleges to the three state universities. If you plan to transfer, you need to know how the Admissions Partnership Program is designed to help you transfer easily to Iowa State University, the University of Iowa, or the University of Northern Iowa.

If you are planning on working towards your Bachelor's degree, then the Admissions Partnership Program is essential to effectively build your long-term collegiate educational path. This program, established by our three Iowa Regent universities, formalizes an early transfer connection and helps students take a proactive approach to understanding the full scope of their educational needs.

Early planning plays a significant role in helping the transfer process go smoothly. This process can be simple and seamless, but it helps to communicate your goals to your academic advisor and the transfer counselor at your preferred Regent University. Your academic advisor will help ensure you are aware of course requirements and standards that can be completed, or prepared for while working towards your Associate's degree in community college.

Our advisors will work with you as you prepare to transfer. Check out this list of some of the colleges and universities you may want to transfer to. Looking for additional transfer resources? The state of Iowa shares this information.  Get a headstart on how your classes transfer.

Iowa Valley will:

  •  Provide an advisor to assist with course selection based on the transfer plan developed by the student and the transfer school’s advisor.
  • Automatically send the student’s transcript to the appropriate Regent Admissions office at the end of each semester.
  • Be the starting point for admission into the APP program.

The Regent Universities will:

  • Guarantee admission to the desired degree program, provided all requirements are met.
  • Provide academic advising from the point of acceptance into APP.
  • Provide timely progress toward graduation to help put students on track to graduate in four years, including guaranteed access to courses required for graduation.
  • Offer early orientation and schedule for the first semester.
  • Provide access to campus and student resources including libraries and career resource centers. (Some resources require payment of student activity and service fees.)

Follow the links (below) for more specific information, and to officially apply. NOTE: Be sure to let your advisor know that you have applied for the same.

Transfer Resources