Unplug: How to Avoid Digital Distractions

4.20.21 Unplug

You have worked hard this semester and you are so close to being done. Don’t let all of the work you have put in go to waste now. Finish strong on your finals by not letting the distractions of the digital world get in your way.

Don’t be quite as social

Take a break from all of your social media for finals week. Don’t let the distraction of what your friends are doing online distract you from your studies. Some of your friends may have already finished up their finals and are celebrating online. Some may have already made the move back home or even into their career. Don’t let what they are doing get in the way of what YOU are doing! Lock down on those finals. Finish strong.

It’s also okay to take a break from posting what you are doing. Missing a status update for a week is alright. Everyone that knows you and is friends with you probably realizes that you are consumed by your finals right now.

Your favorite shows will still be there after finals

Don’t worry you won’t have to miss the finale to your new favorite TV show that just happens to be finishing up this week? Make sure to find your shows that are on the week of finals and record for when you are done. Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube will all be there for you to catch up on everything during the summer.

Consider returning to TV your reward for finishing your semester on a good note.

Silence is golden

That constant interruption of someone texting, social media alerts and phone calls from friends trying to distract you? You don’t have to shut off your phone if you don’t want to but during your study hours and even during the final just place it away from your line of sight or put it somewhere you won’t constantly be checking it or looking to see who is contacting you.

Don’t want to miss something? That’s okay. Set an amount of time that you can handle being away from your phone such as an hour and then check it and head back to studying.

Finding a good balance

It may be hard for you to make that complete cut for a week from phones, social media and even television. Find a good balance.

You can set a time limit of how long you plan to study. Set up a schedule that works for you to be productive but also avoid distractions.

Another great option is to use these digital distractions as more of an award. Ace that test that you have been worried about? Allow yourself an hour of playing on your phone and catching up with friends then put it away and study for your next test.

Find what works for you to be productive and concentrate on those finals. Finish your semester strong!