5 Tips for Choosing Your Career Path

11.18.20 5 Tips for Choosing Your Career Path

Unsure about what you want to do after high school? There are a lot of ways you can explore. Don’t think you need to go through a formal process to figure out your next steps. You may be able to figure out your passion simply by paying attention to your interests today. College is a great time to explore the possibilities and to select what fits you the best. Here are 5 tips for choosing your career path.

1. Pay Attention to your interests

Do you love taking photos? Look into some photography classes, business classes or even marketing. Maybe you want to have your own photography business. If you know there is a topic that interests you, do some online research and see what careers are associated with that interest.

2. Play to your strengths

Have you always been good with numbers? Take some accounting or advanced math courses while attending college. Maybe accounting is the route for you. Other careers that frequently use numbers are statistician, financial planner or an economist. You can even combine your strength with numbers with other interests such as if you like numbers and weather you can become a meteorologist or combine numbers and computers and become a computer scientist.

3. Talk with those around you

Another great source for exploring your options and career choices are the people around you. Many of the instructors at Marshalltown Community College and Ellsworth Community College have worked in the field that they now instruct. Ask about their experiences and what they like and don’t like about their time in the workforce.

It’s also a great time to talk with your friends. Conversations you have on a daily basis may tip you on to a new career that would interest you.

4. Explore your options

No idea what you want to do at all? College can be a great place to try new things that you may have never even thought of. Take a class that sounds interesting by the description in the college catalog. As long as you select a course that you need you will get the credit to your degree but can take the time to try something new. A computer class that sounds interesting, an art class that you have never taken, a biology course that is dissecting something you have never dissected or even a welding course because it’s something you have always wanted to try. You never know if something will spark an interest for you.

5. Change is okay

Don’t think because you have started college courses geared towards one career choice, you have to stick with it if you are unhappy. There are a lot of choices to be made when you are starting and attending college and choosing your major or career field. Once you have started classes you can always change course. You’re never locked into one career path – use this time to grow and explore and discover new interests.

College is a time to explore and learn new things and have new experiences. Choosing a career and field of study should be a fun way to explore and pursue the things you are interested in. Find more information on the classes and majors that can be taken at ECC and MCC.