Building a Professional Network while still in College


Want to build a professional network that’ll set you up for success long after you’ve tossed your graduation cap? You might think networking is for those in suits and ties, but guess what? It’s never too early to start, your time at Marshalltown Community College or Ellsworth Community College is the perfect place to begin. Here’s how you can build a solid professional network while just starting your college days… 

Classmates Are More Than Buddies 

Okay, so you’re sitting in class, surrounded by your classmates. They’re not just random people sharing the same lecture hall; they’re potential future colleagues, collaborators, and partners. Start by introducing yourself, strike up conversations, and collaborate on projects. You never know who might become your next business partner or refer you to that dream job. 

Professors: Your Secret Weapon 

Believe it or not, your professors are more than just givers of assignments and examiners of your knowledge. They’re seasoned professionals in their fields, and they’re connected! Don’t hesitate to ask questions, seek advice, or share your career aspirations. Building a rapport with them can open doors to recommendations, internships, and even introductions to influential people in your industry. 

Clubs and Organizations: Your Networking Playground 

Those student clubs and organizations you’ve been hearing about? They’re not just about hanging out; they’re opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals who share your passions. Whether it’s student senate, a coding club, or an environmental group, these spaces are where future colleagues and mentors could be hanging out. Attend meetings, engage in discussions, and step up to leadership roles. 

Workshops, Conferences, and Seminars: Your Learning + Networking Combo 

Those workshops and seminars your college hosts aren’t just for expanding your knowledge; they’re prime networking territory. Attend these events, ask thoughtful questions, and interact with the speakers and fellow attendees. You’ll leave with not just newfound knowledge, but potentially valuable contacts too. 

Internships: Your Real-World Connection 

Internships aren’t just about fetching coffee – they’re your ticket to the real world and a chance to connect with professionals in your chosen field. While interning, make sure to network with your supervisors, colleagues, and anyone you come into contact with. Their experiences, insights, and connections could prove invaluable as you navigate your own career path. Apply for work-study positions at MCC or ECC 

Online Networking: Your Digital Footprint 

We live in the digital age, and your online presence matters more than you might think. Platforms like LinkedIn are tailor-made for networking. Connect with classmates, professors, and professionals you meet at events. Share your thoughts, insights, and achievements – you’ll be surprised at the doors a well-crafted online profile can open. 

Before you write off networking as something you’ll tackle later, remember that building your professional network starts now. The connections you make during your college years can shape your future in ways you can’t imagine. Classmates, professors, clubs, workshops, internships – they’re all pieces of the puzzle. It’s not just about scoring good grades; it’s about scoring valuable relationships that could open doors to internships, jobs, collaborations, and more. 

Whether you’re an extrovert or an introvert, whether you’re studying business or biology, networking is a skill that transcends fields and personalities. So, attend that club meeting, strike up conversations after class, and connect with professionals. Your future self will thank you for the connections you’re building today. Your college experience isn’t just about the degree you earn – it’s about the network you cultivate along the way. Apply at ECC or MCC to start your network!