Customized Training Solutions for Your Business

2.4.21 Customized Training Solutions

When you hire a new employee, how do you ensure they have the skills they will need to be successful in their position? During the interview process, it can be difficult to know that you are hiring someone with the technical capabilities to keep up with the demands of the job. Often you want to hire based on the intangibles (personality and communication style) but instead, you end up hiring the safe person who looks good on paper because they have the skills you need.

The same question could be asked for current employees: how do you train them for the next level in their career with you? Do they pick up the skills on the job, or do you have a plan to help them with professional development if they want to learn additional skills?

Customized Training

No two companies are alike, just as no two employees are alike. There is no “out of the box” solution that will teach an employee everything they need to know. You may think that you need to hire a trainer for your business and purchase an expensive curriculum in order to ensure you have your bases covered. Depending on your business, that may not be the case – you have options to create a customized training solution that is unique to your business (and your employee).

Variety of Topics

When you work with Iowa Valley Continuing Education you can access their robust course catalog for your training purposes. Consider this:

  • Technical Training – you can offer a variety of technical training for industrial workers. Educate on topics such as electrical training, mechanical drives, PLC troubleshooting and much more. Classes can integrate seamlessly into your existing business structure. You can offer as many (or as few) courses as an employee needs to build their knowledge base.
  • Computer Training – many of your employees would benefit from learning basic skills, or building on their knowledge with more advanced classes. Offering training will help existing employees gain skills and advance, and help you retain them.
  • Healthcare Training – your employees should know basics like first aid and CPR, especially if your business serves the public. Bring in a specialist to offer certification training on-site for your entire team, or just a few individuals.
  • Leadership Training – if you have a new manager or someone who is new to leading teams, we can give them the tools to be a successful manager with customized leadership training.
  • Safety Training – do your industrial teams understand OSHA regulations? Whether you have a new employee or need to review the regulations with your teams, OSHA training can help. This training seminar will keep your staff current on the rules and regulations.

Online or in Person

We get it – training is important, but sometimes you can’t afford to have your employees travel off-site for a training class. Your productivity is important, especially in times like these. We work hard to provide flexible training options that work with your business. Many of these classes can be offered online and taken when it is convenient for you and your teams.

Create a Competitive Advantage

Ensure your employees have the skills they need to problem-solve for your organization. Help them develop their skills with advanced training opportunities. Iowa Valley has specialists that will get to know your organization, understand the skillset your employees need and develop a program to help them skill up to meet the demands of your organization. Not sure where your employee’s skills truly lie? We can provide assessments that will tell you exactly where the deficiencies are so you can be confident the program you put together meets their needs.

The influx of unemployed or under-employed or displaced workers has created a problem for employers. Have confidence in your training capabilities – we can help you ensure that the people operating your business have the necessary skills to succeed. We can build a training program that suits your business. Contact Iowa Valley Business and Community Solutions to learn more.