Customized Training Solutions – Teaching the Skills Your Workforce Needs

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When reading a resume or a job application, it’s tough to figure out what skills people actually possess. Applicants and are trying to put their best foot forward to land the job. Often, people will indicate that they have a particular skill thinking they will simply learn it on the job.  

How do you get an accurate picture of what skills people actually bring to the table? How do you develop training when you are unsure of actual proficiency? You may be training employees in areas they are already well-versed in, but missing training opportunities where your employees could use it the most.  

Let’s face it – skills training is definitely not one-size-fits-all. In a room with 10 employees, you will likely have 10 different skillsets. What if you could hand-tailor a training program to the individual needs of workers based on their knowledge 

Smart Skills Assessment 

Fortunately, there is a high-tech solution to this high-tech problem: smart skills assessments offered by Iowa Valley Continuing EducationThis assessment allows manufacturers to assess the skill sets of individual workers in specific areasManufacturers who use this assessment can direct workers to the specific types of training they need. Based on each individual worker’s skill gaps, targeted training can be accelerated because it focuses on only the skills needed, resulting in less time away from the job.  

Customized Training 

When you know where the skills gaps are in your employees, you can tailor a training program to address specific training needs. No matter the content needs, we can help you build a training program and ensure your employees have the right skills for the job. You don’t have to spend time on training for the skills they already have, but you can focus on the areas where they need it the most.  

Provide Technical Training – From Anywhere 

The technical training program is flexible but addresses skills gaps with a focus on technical capabilitiesAnd your employees can access the training from anywhere. The material is self-paced, making it ideal for individual use, traditional class settings, or a blended approach. The curriculum focuses on problem-solving and teaches technical skills in a wide range of industrially-relevant technologies.  

You don’t need to hire a Training Coordinator to implement this at your company – Iowa Valley will administer the content and help you track your employee’s success.  

The influx of unemployed or under-employed or displaced workers has created a problem for employers. Have confidence in your training capabilities – we can help you ensure that the people operating your business have the necessary skills to succeed.  

Train today’s employees for tomorrow’s skills. Iowa Valley can help – we can work with you to train anyone at any skill level to succeed. You have the freedom to hire who you want and we can help them build a successful career with you. Contact Iowa Valley Continuing Education today to get started.