How Online Classes Help You Advance Your Career Goals

1.28.20 How online classes help you advance your career goals

You are looking to take that next step in your career. Maybe you are looking to change career paths entirely, or you are just looking to update your skillset and prepare yourself for your next promotion. No matter your reasons, an online class may help you reach your goal.  

Why Online Classes?  

You’re a working professional. We get it – you may not have the opportunity to carve time out of your day to attend a live, in-person class, even if it would help you advance in your career. You may not have a college close to you, or if you do, they may not offer the courses you need in order to advance. Online classes could be the answer. Online courses offer immense flexibility – you can log in when it’s convenient for you and learn at your own pace.  

What Sort of Courses Are Available?  

Online courses are offered in almost every subject matter. Through the Continuing Education division, Iowa Valley partners with Ed 2 Go to provide a catalog with literally hundreds of options. You could take classes in computer applicationsinformation technologylanguagelegal, and so much more. Browse a full list of courses 

Courses are comprehensive – they aim to build upon your current knowledge base and provide a lot of opportunities to review. If you are joining a new field or looking to update your skills, this is crucial. Each course aims to align with industry standards and teach you the skills that will align with your professional experience.  

Career Certifications 

If you are looking to do more than simply explore, and you know which field you would like to join, consider a Career Training Program. These courses provide certifications. When you complete these courses, you can certify your understanding of the subject, and share that certification with your current (or potential) employer. The Career Training Program even offers Externship opportunities and a virtual career fair (connecting you with employers looking for your skills!)  

How Expensive is Online Learning?

Online learning is more cost-effective than you might think. You are able to take classes from world-class instructors at a fraction of the cost of many in-person. Even better, the expense may not come out of your own pocket. Many employers have a budget for professional development that will cover the cost of classes and materials. If you are interested in taking an online course, communicate with your manager ahead of time.  

Do You Need to Purchase Books?  

Many of the courses will provide an online manual that you can either print or save as a file. The vast majority of online courses will not require you to purchase a separate textbook.  


Polish your skills and enhance your resume with online courses. Iowa Valley makes it easy to take courses online, and there has never been a better time! Visit the online education center to learn more and to register.