How to Effectively Learn Via Zoom

8.5.20 How to Effectively Learn Via Zoom

Are you studying online this term? While many classes are providing an online option, learning via Zoom is still a new thing for many students. It’s simply not the same as sitting in a classroom with your classmates. It’s an adjustment, but these tips may make it easier!


You may think that taking an online class means that you don’t have to brush your hair before logging in. While that may be true, it’s a good idea to turn your webcam on and show your face to your instructor and the rest of the class. Why? You can get to know the other people in your class, show the instructor you are actively engaged and have an easier time participating in class discussions. So, take the time to brush your hair and wash your face before logging in. (You can still wear your pajamas, though – we won’t tell!)

Chat Away

Remember the days when instructors didn’t want you to talk in class? Zoom makes that advice obsolete – instructors want you to use the chat feature and ask questions throughout the class. You can find the “chat” button at the bottom of the screen. Simply type in your question to the whole class or a particular person.

Hit Record

Many times, instructors will record a class and post it on Blackboard later. You will have a record of the class discussion that you can go back and watch later. If you are having a hard time understanding a particular point, or want to hear a discussion again, this is a great way to stay on top of things. If you happen to miss a class period, you can catch up later, too.

Content Sharing

Your instructor may allow you to share your screens, so if you have a great example during a discussion, it’s easier than ever before to share your thought, ideas, and examples with your classmates.


Zoom is a great tool that allows for video conferencing and online collaboration. Bonus: it’s used by several businesses, so having experience with this tool will put you further ahead when you are ready to use it in your next phase. Want to get more out of your Zoom sessions? Take a look at this video with some next-level tips. Having difficulty with Zoom? Reach out to the academic success centers at Ellsworth or Marshalltown Community College for assistance!