IVCCD Bestows Ambassador of the Year Award to Timbukbru


L to R: Nick Calzada, Center Associates; Willie and Theresa Lancaster, Timbukbru

During the Iowa Valley Community College District All Staff Day, held August 15 at Ellsworth Community College, the District recognized several individuals that have contributed to the success of the campus communities.

Ellsworth Community College Provost Dr. Barb Klein presented the award as follows:

Ambassador of the Year: The Ambassador of the Year Awards are designed to recognize community members or organizations that have represented IVCCD’s Core Values through their service or accomplishments that have directly benefited IVCCD and/or its students.

Ambassador of the Year Award to Teresa and Willie Lancaster

The award nomination read, in part, “Since opening Timbukbru, Teresa and Willie have developed a deep relationship with the Iowa Falls community and with Ellsworth Community College. Their hand-painted mural on the back wall of their establishment includes a Panther logo. They regularly share posts on social media, host watch parties for road events and encourage the local community to attend home games. They have partnered with the Ellsworth Foundation to raise awareness of ECC and work with faculty to raise money and awareness for career and technical student organizations. In addition, they have promoted fundraisers such as the E-Club Wild Game feed and men’s basketball team’s apparel fundraiser. Teresa and Willie’s service and accomplishments have helped advance the Iowa Valley Community College District’s mission in various ways, such as promoting quality learning experiences, ensuring student success, and partnering to address diverse community needs inclusively and respectfully. Their contributions have positively impacted Ellsworth Community College and the Iowa Falls community.” 

Accepting the award for Timbukbru were owners Teresa and Willie Lancaster.