IVCCD Bestows Ambassador of the Year Awards

During the Iowa Valley Community College District All Staff Day held on August 17 at Ellsworth Community College, the District recognized several individuals that have contributed to the success of the campus communities.

IVCCD Chancellor Dr. Kristie Fisher presented the awards as follows:

Ambassador of the Year: The Ambassador of the Year Awards are presented at our annual All-Staff Day each August. The purpose of this award is to recognize community members or organizations that have represented IVCCD’s Core Values through their service or accomplishments that have directly benefited IVCCD and/or its students.

Ambassador of the Year Award to Kevin Pink, for work with the Ellsworth Community College Sports Information. The award read, in part, “Since his retirement from Indian Hills, Kevin Pink has generously volunteered his time and talents to the Ellsworth athletic department. He has worked tirelessly to made the athletic website content more exciting and user-friendly.

Panther fans appreciate the athletic contest recap content on our website. This work was previously outsourced but with Kevin’s years of experience in working in athletics and marketing at the community college level, Kevin brings an insight that is unique. His volunteer work has made the website come to life. Kevin has also pitched stories and developed story angles that are used by local media, drawing attention to Ellsworth athletes and athletic programs.”

Ambassadors of the Year Award to Larry and Joynell Raymon for their work to promote economic vitality. The award read, in part, “Larry and Joynell Raymon have been long-time advocates and champions for Iowa Valley. Their passion was ignited as students, Larry at Ellsworth and Joynell at MCC. Their passion then led to dedication as Larry served as Iowa Valley’s business Manager and on the Iowa Valley Board while Joynell spent many years serving on various boards in support of adult education, both local and statewide.  As CEO and Vice President, respectfully, Larry and Joynell have supported us on numerous grants and manufacturing initiatives to ensure the manufacturing sector in the Iowa Valley region remains strong and has a well-trained, talented workforce. They also designate a company team member to support the manufacturing sector initiatives.

During 2020, they repurposed their plant operations to include the production of non-medical fabric masks for the community. Their goal was to protect the health and safety of the community. A perfect example of neighbors helping neighbors. They worked through several locations to distribute face masks to Iowans including Iowa Valley. In total, they distributed 31,000 free fabric masks and 2,500 plastic face shields.”