IVCCD Students and Faculty Participate in Movie Trailer

When Hollywood was looking for a German advisor for the short film, they didn’t need to look further than Ellsworth Community College’s own Joerg Rochlitzer, Social Sciences Faculty and German-native. Rochlitzer served as a WWII German advisor for the production crew, and, through conversation, convinced Hollywood producers to film the movie trailer in Iowa Falls, Iowa. Iowa Falls, dubbed the Scenic City, provided such a picturesque backdrop for the WWII biopic, movie production could take place here. Filming is slated to begin in March or April 2022.

The film, Reveille, is set in 1943, WWII-era in Italy. Originally intended to be a short film, producers now have plans to extend it to a feature film, which would be at least an hour and fifteen minutes in length.

Rochlitzer has so far assisted with scriptwriting. He looped in fellow instructor Steve Muntz, Broadcasting/Digital Media Faculty at Marshalltown Community College to assist with camera production work. Rochlitzer and Muntz recruited students and community members to assist with production and serve as acting extras.

Both Ellsworth Community College and Marshalltown Community College have been heavily involved in the project thus far. Ellsworth has supplied several cast and crew members, while Marshalltown has supplied technical support, including video and sound equipment to be used in production. The instructors are capitalizing on the opportunity to provide a unique and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for hands-on instruction with a Hollywood film production crew. Film content also lends itself to providing eye-opening history lessons.

To review the trailer, it is available on YouTube. As filming of the feature-length film commences, the production studio will be looking for people willing to serve as actors or part of the crew.