Join in Celebrating Iowa School Boards

May is School Board Recognition Month, sponsored by the Iowa Association of School Boards, to celebrate the contributions of board members to Iowa public education.  The Iowa Valley Community College District is celebrating the work of school board members, who are Developing Iowa’s Future Together, in partnership with the college and its communities.

“School board members serve to make a difference for students and help ensure they have the building blocks needed for future success. They devote their time to monthly meetings, reviewing board materials, communicating with employees and constituents, exploring learning opportunities, and attending school functions and activities,” said Dr. Kristie Fisher, IVCCD President.

The IVCCD Board of Directors is charged with looking beyond the horizon for our college community district and students. They oversee the budget, develop policies, set the culture for the district, and make decisions that impact the entire community to construct a solid foundation toward their commitment to student achievement. Each year they reexamine this foundation, carefully connecting each piece to make practical, concrete decisions in the present with the never-ending goal of developing Iowa’s future teachers, nurses, doctors, business leaders—and more!

IVCCD is shining a spotlight on its board of directors at the regular monthly meeting on Wednesday, May 10 at a reception at 3:00 p.m. in Iowa Valley Business and Community Solutions Rooms 612/614, and the public is invited to attend.

The Board members serving the IVCCD and their years of service are Director District I – Larry Johnson, President from Iowa Falls (36 years); Director District II – Clark Lawler from Eldora (3 years); Director District III – Jackie Pippin from Marshalltown (2 years); Director District IV – Deborah Jones from Clemons (15 years); Director District V – Chris Brodin from Marshalltown (7 years); Director District VI – Joanna Hofer from Toledo (5 years); and Director District VII – Paul Pohlson, Vice President from Grinnell (16 years).