What Can You Do with a Marketing Degree?

Marketing Degree

If there’s one degree that covers a wide range of industries, it’s marketing. Business, social sciences, humanities, communication, digital and technology, it’s all marketing. Marketing can open career doors for you to think strategically, employ creativity, and deliver measurable results.

Marketing is continually evolving too. With today’s high tech social world, the next big thing is always right in front of you. You want to be bigger and better, and marketing helps distinguish you from the competition and demonstrate how your product solves customer problems! We’ll talk through some common marketing careers available across industries.

Marketing Manager

Marketing Managers are responsible for creating entire strategies based on business objectives and overall market trends. They also oversee the day-to-day marketing, and may supervise a team of professionals.

Marketing Managers need to be business minded in order to ensure strategies and tactics align with company goals. These are often positions that are held by individuals that have substantial experience in the marketing world.

Sales Representative

Sales Representatives work with existing and prospective customers to share product information and obtain product orders. This is a great career choice for those that like interacting with others and recommending products and services. These positions are also great for marketers that like to form long-term business relationships. Customer services and interpersonal skills are a big plus in this field.

Market Research Analyst

Successful marketing is all about strategy. Successful strategies are built on data. Finding that perfect strategy can be challenging but once you start a path it is important to do the research to see if it is succeeding, what is working well and what isn’t working and adjust accordingly.

A Marketing Research Analyst is a career that gathers all of the important information and prepares reports for business leader to determine effective or ineffective marketing techniques. As well as looking at a company’s own strategies they will analyze the competition as well. This career requires an investigative mindset and the ability to interpret data in order to provide a clearer picture for other stakeholders.

Brand Assistant

A Brand Assistant will focus on a company’s overall positioning in the marketplace. In this role, a person might work on brand image such as monitoring market trends, analyzing competitors, assisting on brand strategies, assessing customer loyalty, and coordinating communications between the brand team and stakeholders.

Brand Assistants rely on communication, research, organization, and creativity. They bring to life a brand’s public image through campaigns, events, and communications geared toward the consumer.

Social Media Coordinator

Social Media Coordinators focus marketing efforts on social media no matter what the platform. The specific social media platforms will depend on the company, brand, or client you are working with and their specific target audience and business goals.

In this role, you may develop the social media strategy, create content and then follow the campaign by monitoring analytics and tracking the performance such as engagement and reach, conducting audience research, and staying current on social media trends. Social media coordinators regularly use their interpersonal, creative, and analytical skills.


People who love to write tend to be drawn to work as Copywriters. Copywriters are the ultimate content producers – they draft verbiage for things like websites, fliers, postcards, descriptions, and more. They are great with wording, and collaborate well with the other people on a marketing team. They ensure that everything a company writes has a consistent tone and voice. This position requires a solid understanding of grammar and punctuation.

These are just a few of the different careers you can pursue after you earn your marketing degree. There are so many options depending on your interests. Find out more about the marketing programs offered at  Ellsworth Community College and Marshalltown Community College! Earn your way to a great career in marketing!