What Can You Do with a Pre-Vet Major?

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Animals of all shapes, sizes, and species can bring us so much joy, happiness, and entertainment. Those animals deserve all the love and attention that they receive. Every now and then an animal can become sick or injured. They need to be cared for and nursed back to health. I’m assuming since you’re reading this blog post that you’re interested in caring for those special animals in our lives. Let’s get into it then – What Can You Do with a Pre-Vet Major?

The Road to Vet School Starts Here

If you want to start on the road to taking care of and treating animals, then there’s no better place to start than Ellsworth. ECC offers a two-year Associate of Professional Studies (APS) degree with a focus on Veterinary Medicine. Within two years, you’ll experience hands-on education in a small classroom setting. A world of on-the-job training opportunities will be available to you. At Ellsworth, the Pre-Vet program is designed to meet Vet Med admission requirements in two years. You are actually able to apply to Vet School in your second year with us. It is also possible to go straight to Vet School from ECC. We also make it easy to transfer to a 4-year school as well!

Not Just for Future Vets

Being a Pre-Vet major doesn’t necessarily mean you want to become a veterinarian when you grow up. There are plenty of other areas in the world of Veterinary Medicine that you could specialize in. You could become a Veterinary Technician, Fish & Wildlife Biologist, Dog Trainer, Wildlife Rehabilitator, or Zoologist just to name a few.

Other Areas of Study

A Pre-Vet major could pursue other advanced areas of study in connection with their Pre-Vet major after they transfer from Ellsworth. Those areas of study could be Animal Science, Equine Science, Natural Resource Management, or Zoology.

Potential Jobs

Aside from the obvious job of Veterinarian, there are plenty of other jobs that a Pre-Vet major could choose to explore after college. Those jobs include working at an animal shelter, working at an aquarium, working at a zoo, or working at a state game and fish department.

There are plenty of jobs and opportunities available to someone interested in the world of Veterinary Medicine. At ECC, we’ll help prepare you to transfer onto a 4-year school and attend Vet School. To learn more about our Pre-Vet program, click here. Take your love for animals to the next level by earning your APS degree with Ellsworth Community College!